Director of Guest Services

Title:  Director of Guest Services (Executive Member)
Reports to:  Deputy Director (COO)
Classification:  Core Staff / Full Time Exempt
Supervises:  Guest Services, Kitchen, Gift Store, and Housekeeping

Position Overview

The Director of Guest Services supervises the Guest Services, Kitchen, Gift Store, and Housekeeping departments by remaining in close contact with each department’s manager in order to ensure that the operations of the department are conducted in a strategic manner that delivers an extraordinary customer services experience to customers.  The Director of Guest Services will sit on the Executive Team and report to the Chief Operations Officer.

General Overview of Shambhala Mountain Center

Shambhala Mountain Center is one of the principal international practice and program centers in the Shambhala mandala, personally founded by the Vidyadhara, the Venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It continues to be the site of Shambhala seminaries and other major programs for the Shambhala community, as well as numerous programs each year for newcomers, often led by distinguished teachers from other Buddhist schools and wisdom traditions. The center has a core community of some 50 personnel, which expands up to 130 in the summer months. It attracts over 4,000 program participants annually as well as 10,000 visitors to The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya.

Departments Supervised

Guest Services

The Guest Services department is primarily concerned with fielding inquiries from potential customers and representing SMC to the world at large.  This first-impression department is also responsible for ensuring that customers have access to SMC shuttle services, housing accommodations, and are properly brought through payment gateways in order to complete the key financial transactions that result in revenues to the company.

Key positions in department:

  • Manager of Guest Services
  • Housing & Travel Coordinator
  • Registrar
  • Call center staff.



The Kitchen department is primarily responsible for creating meals 3-times per day, 7-days per week in service of both customers and staff members who reside on the property in addition to peripheral snacks and occasional large-scale “feasts”.

Key positions in department:

  • Manager of Kitchen
  • Lead Cooks (4)
  • Prep Cooks (4)
  • ROTA (Cleaning) Coordinator


Gift Store

The Gift Store is run as a retail establishment that is primarily responsible for generating revenues by selling physical merchandise at the physical store in addition to stocked inventory that may be sold through the Web-Store.  This is a revenue positive department that is poised for additional growth through the online component of the store, where strong attention to financial development is key.

Key positions in department:

  • Manager of Gift Store
  • Gift Store Web-Developer



The Housekeeping department is responsible for the regular cleaning of two large luxury lodges that consist of 70 rooms total.  The department is also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of selected public spaces that directly impact customer experience, so strong attention to the performance of this department is critical for ensuring that Shambhala Mountain Center is perceived as a clean and enjoyable place in which to spend time.

Key positions:

  • Manager of Housekeeping
  • Housekeeping staff (6)


Specific Responsibilities

  • Oversee the development of department budgets.
  • Management:
  • Serve as an active member of the Executive Council and participate in inter-departmental strategies.
  • Prioritize and multi-task the management and coordination of several diverse departments and personnel.
  • Understand basic workings, needs, and inherent problems of the supervised departments.


  • Proven experience with building revenue through customer-service oriented design strategy.
  • Minimum of 3 years of management and systems management experience.
  • Applicant must be 25 years of age or older.

Desired Qualifications

  • Knowledge and understanding of Shambhala Mountain Center’s vision and mission is preferred but not required.
  • Good interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience and/or working knowledge of all supervised departments is preferred but not required.
  • Experience in executive group membership.
  • Building Management.

Compensation & Benefits

Contact for salary and Housing and Meal-plan details.

Attend Weekend Programs at No Cost.  18 Personal Days per year.  15 Program Days per year.  Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, AD&D.  Housing & Meal plan available for low-cost on-land living.