Summer Practice & Education Coordinator


Title: Practice & Education Coordinator

Department: Practice & Education

Reports to: Director of Practice & Education

Classification:  Volunteer (Summer: Full preferred)

Position Summary: Shambhala Mountain Center is seeking two Practice & Education Coordinators for the summer season. Dates are May 1 – Sept 1. Full summer season preferred; however, volunteering during key months is also possible. This is a comprehensive role in the Shambhala Mountain Center community, working with the SMC staff, community, programs, and guests.


  • The P & E Coordinators respond to program needs and take a lead role in setting up shrine rooms and practice spaces
  • Attending program planning meetings and coordinating with Program Coordinators and the Director of  Practice and Education, teachers, and meditation instructors to create beautiful, uplifted environments for practice and study
  • Coordinators provide practice materials, chants, study materials and books to staff and programs
  • Help foster a sense of community involvement and assist or lead in training of staff in shrine room positions
  • Administer classes for SMC staff, supporting and working closely with resident teachers   (This is a great opportunity to learn further about Buddhist forms and practices and to work with sacred space)


Experience & Education:
  • Potential candidates will have completed Shambhala Training through at least Level III and have knowledge of Shambhala and Kagyu-Nyingma Buddhist principles and path
  • Candidates must have a passion for working with all aspects of practice and education, and, the willingness and experience to take initiative to complete daily work and projects independently, with minimal supervision.
  • Must have a strong commitment to mediation practice, be experienced in umdzing/chant leading and shrine room forms and positions
  • Prior experience coordinating Shambhala programs and strong volunteer history at local Shambhala Center preferred
  • Candidates who are Shambhala Guides or Meditation Instructors will be considered very strong candidates for this position
  • Willingness to engage with practice of 1 to 2 hours of meditation daily and to attend classes, talks, and community events
  • Successful candidates possess computer skills
  • Creative ability to work with fabric, picture frames and shrine furniture
  • There is physical effort involved in these tasks so the ability to lift and carry up to 30 pounds is necessary
  • Excellent verbal, written, and electronic communication skills
  • Energy, focus, and creativity are key qualities: to work effectively with others and set a strong example for staff, and, to work efficiently on multiple priorities.

Additional Information

Other details:  Summer positions are full time positions and candidates will have two days off a week and will be able to attend one, possibly two SMC programs, with prior approval, as well as programs that fall on their days off.


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