Arts & Creativity

Shambhala Mountain Center embraces a variety of contemplative arts and practices. As a process, this type of artistic expression brings wakefulness and awareness to the creative and viewing processes through the integration of contemplation and meditation. The emphasis is on art that springs from a meditative state of mind.

Art is a sacred communication between oneself and the universe, and between the artist and their witnesses. Through the practice of contemplative arts, we can gently increase our self-awareness, our perception of the world and our skills in working with others.

Our Contemplative Arts programs feature writing, poetry, photography, drawing, painting, calligraphy, dance, flower arranging and other disciplines that appreciate the uniqueness of the everyday sensory experience, the “art of everyday life.” Contemplative arts and practices bring beauty, vividness and wisdom to our lives and our environment.

Celebrate the Music of Your Soul Explore music and rhythm as a gateway for therapeutic process and honest communication. In its fifth year, this annual program weaves the four elements of music medicine into a powerful more →

Healing Sound Retreat

Christine Stevens

May 28–31, 2015
Christine Stevens
   Join us for a weekend retreat! Christine Stevens is also facilitating a retreat this weekend. Please click HERE for more information about the full retreat.  This program is included in the retreat. ~~~ Check out this more →

Peace Music Ceremony at the Great Stupa

Christine Stevens

May 30, 2015
  A Four Seasons Program Join us as we explore the native plant communities of Shambhala Mountain Center and learn about the complex relationships between native plants, soil, weather, and wildlife. During this retreat, we will more →

Exploring Trees and Wildflowers

Jim Tolstrup and Laurie Huckaby

June 5–7, 2015
This program will be rescheduled for July of 2016.  Connect with your inner lotus and learn to paint with rocks and minerals! This retreat offers unique approaches to visual art, using them as a pathway to more →

Creating Your Inner Mandala

Kalsang Dawa

July 2–6, 2015
This program integrates qigong and meditation with an emphasis on how these practices support one another in nourishing a healthy body and cultivating a clear mind. The daily practice will interlace several sessions of sitting and more →

Qigong and Meditation

Eva Wong and Acharya Dale Asrael

August 12–17, 2015
A Four Seasons Program Come and feel a personal connection with the universe under the shooting stars of the Perseid meteor shower, which is predicted to be especially good this year! Throughout history, human beings have more →

Big Sky, Big Mind: A Contemplative Astronomy Workshop

Andrea Schweitzer and Jim Tolstrup

August 13–16, 2015
Are you ready to experience, and then write forth the truth of who you really are? The practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness, a practice toward deeper self-awareness, which moves us along the path more →

Writing as a Path to Awakening

Albert Flynn DeSilver

August 13–17, 2015
Learn Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga During this extraordinary five day retreat you will learn how to lucid dream and will deepen your understanding of the dream state. You will be introduced to both the ancient more →

Awaken in Your Dreams: Lucid Dream Yoga, East and West

Stephen LaBerge and Andrew Holecek

August 20–25, 2015
Brian Mullins
Explore a contemplative approach to music with this experiential acoustic workshop. During this creative weekend, we will discover the foundations and fundamentals of musical commonality found in nature, based in your instrument or voice, replicated in more →

Acoustic Elements: Traditional Music Workshop

Brian Mullins

August 28–30, 2015
Discover the Art of Zen Calligraphy Explore the 1,700-year-old wisdom of East Asian calligraphy and engage your heart in learning and creativity. (artwork by Kazuaki Tanahashi) Let Go of Inner Criticism During this contemplative Zen calligraphy more →

Brush Mind: Zen Calligraphy

Kazuaki Tanahashi

September 11–13, 2015
Medicine Buddha is a concise and simple Tibetan Buddhist healing practice. It is said that just by hearing the name or Mantra of Medicine Buddha that innumerable benefits arise - including enhancing any healing practices and more →

Medicine Buddha for Healing

November 13–15, 2015