Qigong for the Seasons: Spring Qigong

Ron Davis

February 13–15, 2015

Tuition $225 + 2 nights

We are part of nature. When the energy changes in nature, it changes within us as well. If we wish to be naturally healthy we must stay in harmony with seasonal changes. Qigong for the Seasons is based on the Five Phase paradigm, an enlightened program for comprehensive health care throughout the year. Each class consists of qigong exercises, meditations, and dietary guidelines.

Spring Qigong focuses on liver health, qi enhancement, and cultivating kindness. This tumultuous season has rapidly changing energy. To stay in harmony with those changes we need to enliven the muscles and joints, release stagnant blood, and temper an overactive mind. You will learn qigong exercises for spinal flexibility, liver detoxification, and nurturing the Rising Yang Qi. Our discussions and meditations will focus on the virtue of kindness and its relationship to anger     vitally important in spring. Suggestions for healthy foods and herbs for the liver will complete this exciting and comprehensive retreat for better health this season.

Ron Davis

Ronald Davis, DC. LAc. Dipl Acu (NCCAOM) has been in clinical practice since 1984 and has taught qigong, taiji and spinal health care classes for more than twenty years. He is a certified qigong instructor as well as a medical qigong teacher for professional continuing education credit from the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Davis is committed to helping people learn how to improve their health by using qigong, meditation, and dietary guidelines. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Qigong for the Seasons.

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