The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

Acharya Susan Chapman and Greg Heffron

March 8–10, 2013

Tuition $170 + 2 nights

Mindful communication moves us from a me-first to a we-first model of relationship, building an enlightened society one conversation at a time. This retreat introduces the Green Light communication model to explore patterns of conversation: the open, Green Light of awake body, tender heart and open mind; the closed Red Light of heartless-mind and mindless-heart; the in-between, Yellow Light in which we compassionately welcome vulnerable feelings. We evoke the power of deep listening and gentle speech as ways of touching in with the goodness of others and the clarity of our truth. The format includes sitting meditation, brief talks, Mudra Space Awareness practice and dialogue exercises.

Click here to listen to a recent interview with Greg Heffron about this program and how to stay open and awake to reality in all its richness.

Acharya Susan Chapman

Acharya Susan Chapman, MA, author of The Five Keys To Mindful Communication, is a family therapist, contemplative psychologist and meditation teacher. She completed Gampo Abbey’s three year retreat and served as Druppon, retreat leader, for six years.

Greg Heffron

Greg Heffron, MFA, teaches Mudra Space Awareness and is co-director of Mudra Institute. In 2007, he assisted Craig Smith, one of the original western teachers of the discipline, in teaching Mudra to senior dancers at The Juilliard School/College of the Arts in New York City.

Program Details

Financial aid is available for this program.