Why Samadhi?

by Erica Kaufman

Erica Kaufman at SMC

We like to think of ourselves as living in independent time, separate from each other and from cosmic influences. But that is just it. We “think” and create mind play for our thoughts. In a way our minds are like the dominant child within us, the one that steps forward and likes to take over but is not always the most sensitive or intuitive. While our bodies are more like the quiet child within us, the kind that needs patience and is worth the wait.

That is why Lîla Yoga™ is such a powerful harmonizing tool. It is both meditation in motion and philosophy in motion. Through our asana practice we learn to quiet the mind and allow the truths within our body to lead us to a more revealed state of awareness. From this state of being, our true Self is more easily exposed. This process is called Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption). It takes great discipline and consistent practice to calm the mind into a tranquil state of stillness for Dhyana. So why bother?

This life offers us the opportunity to learn, to understand who we are, how we function and react. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the quality of our time spent. By practicing Dhyana we cleanse our active minds and allow the truths within our heart to shine. The more often we visit this exposed state of Self, the easier it is to access and the more it aids our perspectives in our daily activities.

I, like all of us, dwell in the creative manifestations of the material world, known in yoga by many names: shakti, prakriti and maya. I am deeply involved in this life; happily and knowingly interacting with the illusions of duality. I also know that no matter what cerebral activity I am involved in, I have tasted a deeper unwavering place that continues to intrigue me. My body is not the answer but the rhythmic cycles of my body are connected to larger forces (the tides, the pull of the moon, the sun) and provide me with a sounding board in which I can begin my journey into Dahyana and if I’m lucky, into Samadhi. My plans for this evening are to lie down in the open sky and watch, feel, join, meditate, absorb–will return soon, rested and ready.

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Love Blessings Faith

Om Shanti


Reawakening Amazing Inner Places

by Erica Kaufman

This year I traveled quite extensively in India. So much teaching…and of course I learn from each student. Regardless of their spoken language, I learn from their ways and this helps me to teach accordingly.

Erica teaching yoga in Bangalore


I teach the eight limbs of yoga, they are portals into the intuitive home. Life is a journey and the eight limbs of yoga are a beautiful guide into intuitive clarity.

Erica sitting with woman

That journey is of central interest in my life, and in teaching Lila Yoga.

I am here, solo and not. I am sometimes alone but I am not lonely. As I relax into new-ancient rhythms, I experience the home of GENEROSITY.

I will explain:

Generosity flows naturally, when we understand the inter-connectivity of it all.

Tat Tvam Asi. We are That…That which Is…
No need to horde…impossible to hold onto anything…what could we hold onto?

When we live sensitive to this,

it breaks down defensiveness and possessiveness and Generosity opens.

Generosity of Spirit, Love, Patience, Time…

We have within us/around us/between us, an endless source of these qualities.

No need to ration. Fear of loss from Giving looses potency

when we realize the true nature of Generosity.

Home unfolds wherever you are.

I am here. I am there. I am home.



Erica and GuruKnow a home so deep that land does not matter, a familiarity so clear that wherever you go you feel the strength of curiosity, respect, and joy. As you meet new friends, join new families, and feel the give and take of interconnectivity, know that you have blessings within you of excited ease.


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Our weekend will explore the boundless joy of gratitude, the ability to feel thankful to BE.

Please join me for a Lila Yoga Retreat June 28-30.

Love Blessings Faith


~ Erica ~