Floral Notes and Bardo: Surf’s Up, Mmm Hmm…


Floral Notes and Bardo: The Creative Chronicles of a Shambhala Mountain Resident is a daily feature on the SMC blog in which a member of our staff/community shares his experience of existing as part of Shambhala Mountain Center.

At lunch:

Joshua: “You’re a surfer, riding a wave.”

Me:  Surfing has always been one of my go-to metaphors.

Joshua: Surfing has always been one of my metaphors too.

Me: Did you surf in California?

Joshua: No I went surfing once in Long Island. I sat out there for hours waiting for a wave.
It was freezing. Finally a wave came and I was frozen stiff. It passed me right by.

At dinner:

Joshua: Did you get the flowers?

Me: Yep.

Joshua: You’re all ready then.

Me: Yep. One-hundred percent. No doubt. Like a surfer in Long Island waiting for a wave.


Lamp oblivious to what is being revealed as it simply
sits there, taking up space
obeying the commands of animate characters all around it
in an old wooden shack house,
not the Quadrapooper,
not Avalokiteshvara (my house)–
an imaginary shack
in the woods
where conversations occur between kerosene-burning lanterns
and a crazy man who is addicted to tea.
Perhaps “future me.”


PortraitTravis Newbill is a curious dude on the path of artistry, meditation, and social engagement who is very glad to be residing at Shambhala Mountain Center. His roles within the organization include Marketing Associate and Head Dekyong–a position of leadership within the community.