Byron Metcalf

Byron Metcalf, PhD, is a transpersonal guide and educator, shamanic practitioner, researcher, and award-winning professional musician. For nearly three decades, he has been intensely involved in consciousness research and spiritual development, specializing in the transformative potential of alternative states of consciousness. As a drummer, percussionist and recording engineer, Byron produces music for deep inner exploration, breathwork, shamanic journeywork, body-oriented therapies, various meditation practices and the healing arts.

As workshop, retreat and ceremonial leader with over 25 years of experience, Byron has facilitated personal growth and healing workshops featuring Holotropic and HoloShamanic Breathwork and The Shaman’s Heart Program/Training throughout the US. He lives in the high-desert mountains of Prescott Valley, Arizona and is the founding director of HoloShamanic Strategies, LLC. Learn more at his website,

Upcoming Programs by Byron Metcalf


Shaman’s Heart: The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence

Also Karen Malik

May 1–3, 2015

This program has been cancelled/postponed due to urgent medical conditions. Please stay tuned for a possible reschedule. What is Shaman’s Heart? The Shaman’s Heart is a revolutionary new program for developing one’s full capacity for soul-based and heart-centered living. The program is a unique and practical integration of shamanic practice, transpersonal psychology, ancient wisdom teachings, […]