Dawn MacDonald

Dawn MacDonald

Dawn MacDonald, instructor for the Institute for Mindful Leadership,  is the Educational Lead for The Compassion Project, an organizational change and development initiative of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba designed to nurture and strengthen cultures of Compassion within Health and Human Services.  She previously worked in acute inpatient and adolescent mental health for over 20 years. Dawn is an Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher and has completed all of the professional trainings at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical center, has graduated from Stanford University’s Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education’s as a Certified Compassion Cultivation Teacher Training, and is also an Instructor for the Center for Mindful Self Compassion.  She has always believed in the resiliency of the human spirit and the deeply values life long learning.

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Leading Differently: The Power of a Purposeful Pause™

Also Janice Marturano

October 24–26, 2014

  In today’s world, we are faced with novel challenges, limited resources, and increased demands for our expertise and time. The constant pressures can deplete our mental resiliency and interfere with many of the hallmarks of leadership excellence including our ability to focus, to see clearly, to cultivate space for creativity, and to embody compassion. [...]