Kay Peterson

Kay Peterson, MA, MFT is a psychotherapist, wilderness guide, and Shambhala Meditation instructor. She has been facilitating nature-inspired programs that integrate mindfulness, individual transformation, and creative group process since 1996. Kay also teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is adjunct faculty at Naropa University. aypeterson.com

Upcoming Programs by Kay Peterson


Mindful Hiking: Opening to Change

August 12–14, 2016

Sometimes we welcome change in our lives; other times it comes unexpectedly. It may feel like our life adventure has brought us to the banks of a swollen river and we’re not sure how to proceed – do we turn back or take a leap of faith? Through engaging mindfulness/awareness practices, we can delve deeply […]


Awakening the Wisdom of Emotions: The Five Buddha Families

Also Jenny Bondurant

September 7–11, 2016

Sometimes our emotions bring joy, ease, and clarity. At other times they can color our perception and lead to habits of aggression, grasping, ignoring, pride, and jealousy in relationships. Derived from Buddhist tantra, this practice is based on the understanding that the energy of emotion falls into 5 archetypal patterns of innate intelligence that can […]