Martin Ogle

Martin Ogle holds degrees in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State and Virginia Tech. He was Chief Naturalist for the No. Virginia Regional Park Authority 1985 – 2012.  He received the  2010 Krupsaw Award for Non-Traditional Teaching – The annual award of the Washington Academy of Sciences for outstanding teaching in informal and non-academic settings.  Mr. Ogle promotes a widespread understanding of the Gaia Paradigm through his workshops, programs and writings.  He and his family moved to Louisville, CO in 2012 where he started Entrepreneurial Earth, LLC.   Mr. Ogle was born and raised much of his younger life in South Korea.

Upcoming Programs by Martin Ogle


Gaia: Engaging the Rhythms of Our Living Earth

September 11–13, 2015

This program has been cancelled. Relaxation & Connection It’s no secret that modern life is often too fast, too structured, and too purpose-driven for optimal human well-being. During this healing retreat, we’ll allow ourselves to slow down and rediscover the experiential, emotional and intellectual connections between our selves and the stately, purposeless rhythms of our […]