Tessa Bielecki

Tessa Bielecki

Tessa Bielecki co-founded the Spiritual Life Institute and live there as monk and Mother Abbess for almost 40 years. In 2005, she co-founded The Desert Foundation with Fr. Dave Denny, an informal circle of friends who explore the wisdom of the world’s deserts, focusing on peace and understanding between the three Abrahamic traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tessa was one of the first teachers at Naropa University’s Buddhist-Christian dialogue in the 1980s, an experience that she calls pivotal in her life. Tessa is the the author of several books and CDs on St. Teresa of Avila, and recently recorded Wild at Heart for Sounds True. She teaches at Colorado College, gives lectures and retreats, participates in East-West dialogues, and writes.

Upcoming Programs by Tessa Bielecki


Wisdom of the Seasons: An Interspiritual Retreat

Also Fr. Dave Denny

May 23–25, 2014

Celebrate late spring in the mountains and awaken to the divine nuances of all the seasons, both in the outer landscape and in our inner soulscape. Rejoice in how the burgeoning green of springtime reflects our own burgeoning vitality. During this interspiritual retreat, we will draw on the wisdom traditions of the Abrahamic peoples who [...]