Core Staff Application Form

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  • General Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Do you anticipate working and living at SMC for at least a year? Or do you have a pre-determined exit date in mind (for instance, to return to school or travel)? If so, when do you anticipate that you would depart SMC?
  • Community life is an integral part of working an on-land position.
  • Please describe your relationship to SMC, if any. Please include whether you have been employed by or volunteered at SMC in the past, whether you have attended retreats at here, or whether you have otherwise spent time on the land.
  • Work Skills and Experience

  • Describe how your work experience or training is relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Some positions requires the ability to lift objects, shovel snow, walk across distances or handle hot food etc. Do you foresee any physical challenges in performing the job duties of the position that you are applying for?
  • Please explain if you ever had an auto insurance policy cancelled or had an auto insurance application rejected.
  • Please note if your driver's license has been suspended or revoked in the past
  • In addition to performing departmental job duties, SMC employees are paid to wash dishes or perform other assigned cleaning duties for up to three hours each week. Do you understand that performing these assigned tasks is a condition of employment at SMC?
  • There are times when other departments require assistance to ensure that our operational needs are met. Would you be willing to assist other departments when requested?
  • For example: childcare provider; teacher; massage therapist; auto mechanic; CPR; etc.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt.
    Please attach a current resume highlighting experience relevant to the position you are applying for. PDF, Word document, .rtf or .txt formats accepted
  • Living at SMC

    SMC offers a unique opportunity for a different lifestyle, experience, communal work and personal growth. Below you find some more information about the practical realities of living at SMC.
  • We live, eat and work in close proximity to our guests that join us at SMC. Since we offer a mindful and supportive retreat environment we ask staff and volunteers to use dignified speech and presentable attire, and generally being helpful and customer friendly. What does customer service mean to you?
  • We have an eclectic mix of housing that has been inherited from previous generations ranging from cabins, trailers and other accommodations spread across the land. This gives our staff the individuality and creative space to create a unique home. Some are individual homes, others shared with roommates. While all have heating, and most have internet access and electricity- few have running water. Our housing plan is $ 100 per month. Do you understand the diversity of our housing options?
  • You will be sharing a bathhouse with other community members and guests. Do you understand that you'll likely share a gendered bathhouse and curtained showers ? We also have a gender neutral option for showering.
  • Participation in SMC's meal plan is required for all employees who live in SMC-provided housing. The meal plan costs $275.00 per month and typically includes three prepared meals per day, coffee, tea, fruit, and snacks. Meat is offered at some meals. Each meal will contain vegetarian, vegan, and wheat-free options. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any other dietary needs. Staff and volunteers do not have use of a kitchen for preparing their own meals. Do you understand our meal options?
  • We live in remote wilderness, we care about and protect this beautiful landscape. Working here requires an ability to navigate at high altitude, with exposure to weather and walking across uneven terrain.
  • We do not live in a monastic setting. After work is done you will be free to structure your own time, to attend optional community offerings, practice sessions or take personal time. It helps to bring a sense of stability, independence, self-reliance and pro-activness to live here. It is also helpful to have a car if you like to get out and about during your free time. How does this independent living setting work for you?
  • To maintain a contemplative environment and to protect our beautiful wildlife we cannot accommodate dogs on campus. Do you intent to bring a pet?
  • Please review the previous sections about living at SMC and let us know your questions, concerns or potential challenges. We are happy to clarify information.
  • Community and Personal Wellbeing

    SMC is a small community of approximately 45-50 core staff members during winter. In the warmer months we see an influx of volunteers helping us run the big programs and work projects. You will experience both the closeness of living in community, as well as getting to know new seasonal volunteers.
  • Please describe why you are interested in joining SMC staff and community at this point in your life. What do you hope to achieve during your time at SMC?
  • Please describe your contemplative practice, training or experience. Have you meditated before?
  • SMC is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization and a residential community. As on-land employees we work, reside, and often socialize together, and it can be difficult to draw clear boundaries between work and personal life. How do you relate to this kind of ambiguity?
  • What challenges do you foresee living and working in a community? What challenges could you encounter when living in a remote mountain environment?
  • Agreeing to and abiding by the Code of Ethics and related policies and procedures is a condition of working at SMC. Please carefully read our new Code of Ethics (link above), which defines prohibited conduct and outlines our commitments to certain shared values and principles. The Code of Ethics is an integral part of SMC culture and was developed in response to allegations against the spiritual leader of the worldwide Shambhala organization and others in the broader Shambhala community. You can learn more about these allegations and SMC’s responses on our webpage in the About- Misconduct section, and can ask any questions that arise if you are selected for an interview. Do you foresee any obstacles to signing and abiding by the Code of Ethics?
  • Please review our Code of Ethics and Values.

  • SMC is committed to providing formal training sessions on ethical conduct, including those that address personal and societal oppression, power dynamics, and skillful bystander intervention. Attending these trainings is also a condition of working at SMC. Do you foresee any obstacles to attending and fully participating in any staff training, including those related to the topics listed above?