COVID-19 Policy

Summer 2021 COVID-19 Policies

Updated April 20, 2021

On the heels of a uniquely challenging year punctuated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Cameron Peak wildfire, we are happy to announce that SMC plans to welcome guests back to our land beginning in July 2021. 

As we prepare for our reopening, we wanted to share our continued commitment to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all of our guests, presenters, and staff. To promote a safe experience at SMC, we will monitor and comply with applicable laws and regulations around COVID-19, and take into account recommendations from the CDC and other experts. 

Listed below are our current COVID-19 policies and guidelines based on current conditions. Although we are not in a position to eliminate all risk, we are committed to mitigating as much risk as practicable. We will continue to track the pandemic as it evolves and will adjust these measures as needed in response to emerging science, recommendations from the CDC, and guidelines set by Larimer County. We will post any updates to this page.

Although we don’t wish to exclude anyone from experiencing the wisdom and magic of SMC, we understand that our policies and guidelines may preclude some people from visiting during the pandemic and apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to navigate this complex and unprecedented situation, and hope to see you soon.


Applicable to Everyone on SMC’s Main Campus

  • Masks covering the nose and mouth are to be worn at all times in program spaces and other indoor spaces, except when dining or in private lodging.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet is required, except in private lodging.
  • Changing conditions may result in the removal of mask and/or physical distancing requirements for those who are fully vaccinated. We will attempt to provide notice of a change in these requirements two weeks prior to the arrival date of any program.


All Registered Guests and Program Presenters (“Registered Guest(s)”)

  • All Registered Guests, subject to the exemptions listed below, must be fully vaccinated.
  • Registered Guests who are not fully vaccinated may still attend a program if non-vaccination is based on: 
    • A sincerely held (a) religious belief or (b) moral or philosophical viewpoint that is opposed to immunization;
    • A disability as defined by the ADA, including medical circumstances preventing vaccination; 
    • Pregnancy, pregnancy related medical conditions and/or breastfeeding; or
    • Unavailability of COVID-19 vaccine due to age. 
  • On arrival (or during online program registration if available), Registered Guests must certify that they have received a full COVID-19 vaccination regimen or have not been vaccinated due to one or more of the circumstances listed above.
  • Registered Guests must certify on arrival that they are not experiencing symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 and have not experienced any of those symptoms for at least 7 days prior to arrival.
  • SMC reserves the right to administer, at its expense, a COVID-19 test to any Registered Guest on arrival or during their stay.
  • Any Registered Guest who experiences symptoms of or tests positive for COVID-19 during their stay will need to depart SMC immediately to seek medical attention or recover elsewhere. We recommend that anyone participating in a program either rent a car or come to SMC in their own vehicle, as SMC staff will not be able to provide transportation in these circumstances. Additionally, if another Registered Guest provides transportation to someone who is experiencing symptoms of or has tested positive for COVID-19, they will not be permitted to return for the remainder of their scheduled stay. 
  • Fully vaccinated individuals or those within the same household will be permitted to select shared lodging options. Non-vaccinated individuals must select single occupancy lodging (Tent Single, Lodge Single Monk Room, Lodge Single, and Lodge Junior Suite). 


Unvaccinated Registered Guests Only

  • On arrival, Registered Guests who are not fully vaccinated must show negative results from a COVID-19 test administered no earlier than three (3) days prior to arrival at SMC. (For example, a Friday arrival would require that a test producing negative results was taken no earlier than Tuesday.) Documentation of a negative test result must show the date the test was taken. Failure to provide this information will require immediate departure from SMC. 
  • In addition, any Registered Guest who is not fully vaccinated and uses commercial travel (including a plane, bus and/or train) to reach SMC must quarantine for at least seven (7) days between their last use of commercial transport and their arrival at SMC.


SMC Employees & Volunteers

  • Although SMC encourages staff members to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations, we are not in a position to mandate vaccinations for staff at this time.


Day Visitors

  • SMC may be open to day visitors, primarily to visit the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, while programs are in session. 
  • SMC does not have the resources to require day visitors to be vaccinated,  demonstrate proof of vaccination, or show a negative COVID-19 test result. 
  • To reduce the risk of contact with our Registered Guests, Day Visitors will not be permitted to enter any building other than the Stupa. Stupa capacity will be limited.
  • Day Visitors will be required to wear masks and maintain appropriate physical distance from others while at SMC.