Subsidized Rate and Financial Aid

Subsidized Rate

Shambhala Mountain Center endeavors to make its programs and retreats accessible to as many people as possible. Our Subsidized Rate, now available for select programs, offers a $60 per night rate for Seasonal Dorm/Shared Bath accommodations in the winter, and Tent Double accommodations in the summer. This includes both lodging and meals but does not affect program tuition. This option is available on the program registration page. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or financial aid.


Hemera Foundation Fellowships

The Hemera Foundation is offering full and partial fellowships for Educators and Health Care Professionals. Please see the following links to learn more and to apply:

Hemera’s Contemplative Fellowships for Educators (CFE)  (Please note that all CFEs have been awarded. New applicants will be placed on a waitlist.)

  • For full-time pre-K or K-12 actively employed educators and other staff members and/or full-time students currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program.

Hemera’s Contemplative Fellowships for Health Care Professionals (CFHP)  

  • For full-time health care professional working primarily with patients/clients or overseeing other healthcare professionals who are new to retreat practice.


Financial Aid

Applications are due one month before the program start date.

Shambhala Mountain Center offers financial assistance to individuals for Shambhala path programs. We try to distribute our funds fairly to as many people as possible, with special consideration given to applicants with the greatest need.

Shambhala Mountain Center requires all financial aid applicants seek financial support from The Offering Bowl. The offering bowl is a crowd-funding site dedicated to help raising funds for retreat costs from a world wide network of fellow practitioners

Additionally, Shambhala Mountain Center strongly encourages all financial aid applicants to seek financial support for program fees from as many sources as possible:

  • Friends, Family, and local Sangha may wish to support your practice path.
  • Local Shambhala Center or Practice Group. Check to see if there is assistance available through your local center. When applicable, Shambhala Mountain Center will match scholarships offered by local centers up to 40% of housing price. Matching Scholarships must be applied for by set deadline.

Financial assistance awards generally cover between 10-40% of a program’s room and board cost. Awards do not include the program’s tuition fees or any material fees that may exist. Award recipients are expected to stay in seasonal dorm or tent double accommodations, and may be asked to help with work related to the program being attended.  Offered discounts cannot be used in conjunction with Financial Aid awards.

If financial aid is available for the program you are interested in, a notice will appear on the program registration page. You must register for the program indicating you are applying for financial aid, and pay the $20 financial aid application fee instead of the usual 50% deposit.  This $20 fee will be applied to the cost of your program.

Eligibility: Financial need serves as the primary basis for determining eligibility. The table below determines your eligibility but does not guarantee financial assistance.


Family Household

Household Income Limit











If your household income exceeds the amounts listed above and you still need financial aid, please explain why you should be considered.

Application Deadline: Application deadline dates are 1 month before the program, and can be found on the registration page of the program you are applying for. Financial aid will be awarded 1 month before the program.  Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed.  Funding is limited so apply early.

If you have any questions about our financial assistance program or your application, please email

Award Determination: If you meet the income eligibility criteria, your application will be further evaluated based on community involvement and other life circumstances.

To Apply: Register for your desired program. Select “I am applying for financial aid,” under Options and pay the $20 application fee. This fee is non-refundable. On the confirmation page you will have a link to the financial aid application form. (If you missed that link, and have your registration ID you can still fill out the form here, but a valid registration ID is required – you must register for the program first.)