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Connect to the Land

Come Home to Your Heart

Help Protect the Land and Support SMC as a Refuge for Future Generations

EVERY YEAR, tens of thousands come to Shambhala Mountain Center to take refuge from the busyness of life. To connect with a teacher, a community, and the land itself.

Many people come because they have been touched by the truth of impermanence, or wish to understand it more deeply. Some have lost a relationship, or a job, or a loved one. They come here to simply be–in the space between what is past and what lies ahead. Some bring their children for the first time, some come to reconnect with old friends, and some come to practice and reflect at the end of their lives.

Life can be so real.

But everything it means to be a human is welcome here. The doors of the Great Stupa are always open.

While SMC can be a safe refuge, it can also be raw. The natural elements are always at work. Staying in tents, away from TVs, cell phones, and social media, there is no buffer from reality. Not physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

No matter how real it gets, this land and lineage will be here to meet you just as you are.

Shambhala Mountain Center’s existence is so important to the world right now. The great wisdom traditions need a place to be studied, practiced, and passed down. We need a vision, however humble, of what a good human society looks like.

And right now, SMC is thriving. If you’ve visited recently, you know the community is kind, cohesive, and committed. The business is growing more and more financially stable, and reliable systems are now in place. The teachings of Shambhala are running through everything we do. There are examples of dignity, gentleness, and bravery every day.

But life at SMC wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a significant challenge ahead of us. By the end of 2018 we need to complete a wastewater collection system that will replace an interim collection system and connect our Red Feather campus, Shotoku, and guest services building to the existing treatment plant. This is the final stage of the work which was done in 2012 as part of our successful Pure Land, Pure Water, Pure Heart campaign.

Thanks to the generous support from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, our Governing Council, four successful fundraising events, and early major gift commitments, we’ve raised over $1,050,000 toward our total two-year goal of 2.27 million, which combines the capital project expenditures with our yearly operational fundraising needs.

We’re asking you to remember your experiences at Shambhala Mountain Center, and reflect on what it means to the world. At a crucial time when things are really working at SMC, we still need as much help as you can offer in your end of the year philanthropic giving.

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Contributions are fully tax deductible. Shambhala Mountain Center is an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Details of the Connect to the Land–Come Home to Your Heart Capital Campaign