Comprehensive Campaign

We did it!

Raised to Date: $2,272,538


Connect to the Land — Come Home to Your Heart

Shambhala Mountain Center’s Critical Comprehensive Campaign

Thousands of you answered our call and helped us raise the money needed to continue operations and install the state-mandated wastewater collection system.

The numbers are in, and Shambhala Mountain Center’s 2017-2018 Comprehensive Campaign raised a total of $2,272,538! Exceeding our $2,270,000 goal by just over $2,500.

73% of gifts to this campaign were under $100, and a whopping 97% of gifts were under $1,000.


This campaign demonstrates the collective power of community. You are part of a network of thousands of people who care deeply about SMC.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this project possible!


Pictures of the Project

The wastewater collection system reaches all the way from our Red Feather Campus, through the downtown area and connects to our wastewater treatment facility.

On August 22, Lama Pegyal came to the land to lead a puja that is traditionally performed whenever ground is broken for construction at a monastery.

Construction began on the wastewater collection system in mid-September.

Excavated dirt was placed on a conveyer belt and run back down the trench to be used as backfill.

Blasting to break up the granite that runs under the entire downtown area.