Comprehensive Campaign

We’re Getting Close…

Let’s Finish this Campaign Together!

Raised to Date $2,120,000

Connect to the Land — Come Home to Your Heart

Shambhala Mountain Center’s Critical Comprehensive Campaign

Raising $2.27 million dollars in two years to construct a state-mandated wastewater collection system is a tall order. It’s amazing that we’re now this close!

It’s because of the incredible heart and generosity of SMC’s patrons that we’re now only $150,000 from our goal. This campaign is demonstrating the collective power of this community. There have been over 2000 donations contributing to the total $2,120,000 raised.

It will take every donation, no matter what size, to complete this campaign, but we can do it!

Construction Updates

Construction began on the wastewater collection system in mid-September but we still need to raise $345,000 to finish funding the project. We’ve arranged a payment plan that will extend the payments into 2019 so we’ll need a successful end of year appeal to get there!

On August 22, Lama Pegyal came to the land to lead a puja that is traditionally performed whenever ground is broken for construction at a monastery.

Pipe being laid just East of Rigden Lodge.

Excavated dirt is placed on a conveyer belt and run back down the trench to be used as backfill.

Blasting to break up the granite that runs under the entire downtown area.

More About the Campaign

Two Year Campaign Totals

Collection System Construction: $1,200,000
Campaign Staff, Fundraisers, and Materials: $125,000
Land Remediation: $50,000
Master Planning for Future Development: $95,000
2017 + 2018 Operational Fundraising: $800,000

Total: $2,270,000 over 2 years

Raised to Date: $2,120,000 in cash and pledges