Online Programs Manager

Position description: Online Programs Manager

Position overview: Oversees the execution of SMC online programs. This role is responsible for the administration, coordination, and technical execution and moderation of all online programs, including assigning tasks for specific programs to support staff as needed. This role works with many different groups including Program Development, Marketing and Communications, Operations, program presenters, and program participants. SMC online programs is a growing division within the organization, and the person in this role will learn the processes and policies we have already created, look for ways to improve and refine them, and find solutions to problems that arise. They will coordinate across teams as online programs ramp up in volume, to make sure things run smoothly.


Desired competencies: A combination of guest-service skills, tech literacy, the ability to support a good practice container, and operational problem-solving and decision-making ability. Our ideal candidate will enjoy the daily work of program coordination and online guest interaction, and also be able to spot patterns and create process improvements. In order to represent SMC and its mission both with presenters and with participants, the person in this role should possess a service mindset, a calm demeanor under stress, patience, graciousness, and commitment to guests/presenters having a great experience. Must have enough general tech literacy to address simple tech issues for participants, and needs to be comfortable to train in hosting and troubleshooting via Zoom. Previous experience hosting online platforms a plus. Is able to work across teams to create efficient systems as needed to help SMC’s online programs division expand. 


Managerial responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate and collaborate with the Program Development and Marketing/Communications team on program planning material to ensure smooth production of online programs.
  • Organize and oversee the staffing for online programs by either assuming or assigning the coordination tasks. 
  • Identify any processes that still need clarifying and create systems to follow. This will include both technical and process needs, such as: refining and revising the current Online Flow of Show, determining the best method to store recorded sessions and make them available, creating an online hub where participants can share and access resources during longer online programs, overseeing the process for gathering liability releases and any other needed agreements with participants, and coordinating with Program Development, HR, and Ops to find solutions for new policy needs.
  • Investigate the possibilities for executing hybrid programs, which would include both an on land and online component. If feasible, coordinate with Program Development, the Onland Programs Manager, IT, and AV to create a Flow of Show and other process checklists for smooth execution.
  • Assists the Program Development team with developing new online programs, based on workload and need.


Program administration responsibilities:

  • Serve as the point-of-contact for participants from registration forward. 
  • Creates and sends the all needed communications to participants prior to a program, and sends the follow-up letters and surveys afterward. Collects feedback to share with the team for further fine tuning.
  • Organizes planning and debrief meetings with the presenter, coordinator (if other than self) and tech/moderator to go over the Flow of Show.
  • Introduces and closes the program live, if needed.
  • Coordinates with the front desk to make sure they have any info they need to field potential questions.
  • Monitors participant numbers and adjusts Zoom capacity settings and add-ons as needed.


Tech/moderating responsibilities:

  • In pre-meeting/run-through with the presenter, review Zoom features & settings. Discuss needs and present options for handling features such as Q&A, breakout rooms, opening/closing plans, and greenroom sound checks. Make sure the presenter understands what they control, what the tech person controls, and what individuals control, and create clear agreements and a clear plan for smooth execution.
  • Configure the settings on Zoom for that particular program, and make notes for what needs to be additionally configured after the Zoom starts.
  • Host the program on Zoom and be present to support from start to finish, including: admitting presenters/participants, running the slide show, helping anyone who has technical issues, moderating Q&A, supporting chat queries, and managing breakout rooms.
  • Document feedback, including any difficulties that cropped up, so that we can continue to improve.

Classification:  Full-time.

Pay rate: To be determined.

To apply: Please email Chris Gibbs: and include a cover letter addressing your qualifications for this position, and a resume that highlights your relevant experience.

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