Practice and Education: Assistants

The Practice and Education Department focuses on 2 main activities: 1. Setting up shrine rooms for major programs during the summer. 2. Providing leadership and support for our summer and year round staff – offering courses on meditation and Shambhala Buddhism, providing meditation space and a meditation practice schedule; instruction in meditation; related events such as guest speakers.

Desired experience:
• Shambhala member having completed Enlightened Society Assembly
• Good basic carpentry skills and design experience (eg, lighting, cabinetry, interior home design and installation)
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
• Ability to work on ladders at heights up to 25 ft (for short periods)
• Valid drivers’ license – experience driving pickup trucks and vans

Shambhala Meditation Instructors and Shambhala Guides:
• If you are a Shambhala MI or Guide, and have the work experience listed above, you can also work with students and groups, providing instruction and guidance; SMC in the summer is a good place to come and train further in supporting students’ path.


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