Shambhala/Buddhist Program Developer


We are seeking a new Shambhala/Buddhist Program Developer. This position will provide key support to ensure the successful implementation of SMC’s overall programming strategy. In particular, the Shambhala/Buddhist Program Developer will seek to draw upon the momentum from Summer Seminar and similar efforts across the mandala and facilitate the development of a cohesive and symbiotic stream of Sutrayana and potentially Vajrayana Buddhist programs throughout the year. This developer will also work to revitalize Shambhala Training from Level I all the way through the newly established Werma Assembly debuting at SMC this summer, and to support the development of any and all of the wide spectrum of programming inspired by the vision and intentions of our founder Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

In so doing, this Program Developer will work closely with the Director of Strategic Programming, the Director of Marketing, the Resident Teacher, Shambhala International Practice and Education (P&E), members of the Open Torii group working on these projects, former or active Shambhala teachers seeking to uphold these teachings in either established or creative ways, as well as other program development staff to ensure consistency and clarity in the collection and communication of details throughout the programming development process. 

SMC creates and delivers transformative retreat experiences on the land, online, and in our new hybrid format, hosting all people with care. This defines how our programs are designed and experienced. This role will play an integral role in ensuring the success of our Shambhala programs. 

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Works closely with the Resident Teacher, the Director of Marketing, and others, to support the further development and expansion of SMC’s Summer Seminar, including developing and integrating it with other Buddhist programs throughout the year, and into the larger Buddhist programming strategy of SMC.
  • Proactively communicates with Shambhala International P&E, the Resident Teacher, members of the Open Torii group etc., in staying current with how Shambhala Training and Buddhist programs are being developed for Shambhala International as a whole, and in keeping SMC active in these efforts.
    • For example, Warrior Assembly will likely be re-tooled and offered in 2022 
  • Create surveys for the Shambhala Buddhist community to learn what kinds of programs are desired, including surveying local teachers to learn what needs they are hearing and what programs they are finding successful.
    • Networks with members of Shambhala International P&E, the Process Team, members of the Open Torii Group, local Center Directors (and teachers, Directors of P&E), etc., in gathering information.
  • Proactively reaches out to Shambhala teachers to learn what needs they are seeing, and to invite their creativity in designing and teaching programs at SMC accordingly.
    • This includes teachers authorized by Trungpa Rinpoche who may be currently teaching outside the Shambhala organization 
    • This includes both former and active Acharya, Shastri, and Shambhala teachers
  • Schedules our Shambhala / Buddhist programs/retreats (land/online/hybrid) at SMC or online in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. 
  • Manages our relationships with teachers and program staff for our Shambhala/Buddhist programs.
  • Invites and recruits teachers and staff for our Shambhala/Buddhist programs. 
  • Work with teachers and Shambhala staff to define requirements of production, including roles, responsibilities, and services/resources available to support these programs.
  • Conduct high-level Program Production Planning, 8-12 months out, and maintain the plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Tracks the receipt and distribution of scheduled program information details.
  • Responsible for the entry and maintenance of program-specific data in Smartsheets, Financial Projections by Seasons Document, and Program Planning Sheets. These are the main avenues of program-related planning and communications for SMC operational and program development departments.
  • Acts as a liaison between the teachers and internal staff for a Shambhala program and various relevant SMC departments including, Programs, Marketing, Finance, and Guest Experience, as well as the Gift Store to ensure the timely receipt of information needed by these departments to best support program production.
  • Work with the gift store to manage inventory, and purchasing plans for the needed materials for Shambhala programs. 
  • Registers, or transmits information to guest services to register presenters and program assistants.
  • Collects details for the programs they schedule and communicates this information to the marketing team for the SMC website. 
  • Analyze previous budgets and expense sheets for Shambhala/Buddhist programs in order to set tuition prices for new Shambhala/Buddhist programs to ensure long term sustainability. 
  • Responsible for utilizing and adapting the resources from the program staffing team drive.
  • Creates and sends accurate and complete program contracts for teachers and staff through DocuSign.
  • Tracks contracts ensuring that they are signed by all relevant stakeholders, and then filed and shared with finance.
  • Attends approximately 2-5 SMC scheduled meetings per week.
  • Responsible for understanding and adhering to SMC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Has a deep understanding of the Shambhala path and its history. 

Secondary Responsibilities and Tasks

  • If time permits, gather testimonials from participant surveys and provide this information to marketing for program registration pages.
  • Reads participant surveys in order to determine how a program was received.
  • Reviews program and presenter evaluations.
  • Updates and creates materials for program scheduling, planning and other program development processes on an as needed basis.
  • Analyzes prior program attendance to determine program viability. 

Experience, Qualifications, and Education 

  • Has an extensive background, experience, and knowledge base in the Shambhala community.
  • Is highly detail oriented, proactive, patient, and a team player. 
  • Has the ability to track many projects over time.
  • Enjoys working independently on a wide range of tasks. 
  • Is a self-starter, and takes initiative to troubleshoot challenges.
  • Is willing and able to take direction, and can be part of a team that is engaged in a dynamic process. 
  • Has an understanding of and commitment to SMCs mission and values.
  • Has knowledge of Microsoft Suite, and Google docs. 
  • Experience using project management tools.
  • Has strong oral and written communication skills. 
  • Has administrative experience, 5+ years preferred
  • Preferred: Program production experience at Shambhala Mountain Center. 

Where you will work

This position will be filled by someone who wants to live and work at SMC. We anticipate you will be provided with a private onsite office. 

Compensation & Benefits

  • Full-time (at least 40 hours per week). If living at SMC, $12.92-$13.22 per hour to start due to subsidized housing and meals. Strong candidates who need to live offsite and work remotely will be considered at a different pay rate. 
  • Participation in SMC’s Paid Time Off and Paid Sick Leave program.
  • SMC low-cost housing and meal plan required for on land living. 
  • Free participation in staff classes and programs.

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to