Dathun: Before and After Photos

Taking time to sit with one’s heart and mind for a month is better than a facial and a lot like falling in love, as you can see in the before and after photos below. Inspired by a piece in the Shambhala Times, SMC staff put together this series of Before and After shots from participants in the winter Dathun.

Scientifically rigorous, this is not; but regard the eyes.


Deborah before dathun  Deboarah after Dathun
Lasette before Dathun retreat  Lassette after Dathun Retreat
David before Dathun retreat David before Dathun retreat
Tim before dathun retreat Tim before dathun retreat
Peter after Dathun retreat Peter after Dathun retreat
Guillermo before dathun retreat Guillermo after Dathun retreat
Marin After Marin after Dathun retreat
David before dathun retreat David after dathun retreat

We had a lot of fun putting these together and seeing people’s responses. Let us know what you think below in the comments!

You are warmly invited to experience for yourself the transformative ability of an extended retreat. Learn more about Dathun here.


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