Become a Monthly Donor

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead

Every day, people come to Shambhala Mountain Center to connect deeply with their hearts and minds. This transformative and powerful land hosts thousands of visitors every year and is the ground for awakening wisdom and compassion.

When you join this community of over 275 monthly donors, you are helping create a kinder society.

(Be sure to check the box “make this donation monthly.”)

Benefits of Becoming a Monthly Donor

  • Membership in the global Shambhala community
  • Access to the Monthly Donor Newsletter
  • Invitation to a special event at SMC, just for monthly donors
  • Annual conference call with SMC’s Executive Director
  • Monthly Donor Pin*

*Individuals contributing $15 or more per month and households contributing $30 or more per month will receive a pin.

Whether you give $1 or $108 per month, join by July 28th, 2019, and you’ll be invited to a FREE weekend at SMC for our Monthly Donor Appreciation Event in August 2019. (Tent option only.)

Levels of Giving

Level           Individuals              Households (2+ people)

Friend          $1 – $14                 $2 – $28
Tiger            $15 – $29                $30 – $58
Lion             $30 – $49                $60 – $98
Garuda       $50 – $107              $100 – $214
Dragon       $108 – $199            $216 – $398
Patron        $200+                      $400+

As a monthly donor, you play a pivotal role in ensuring Shambhala Mountain Center’s sustainability.

In order to preserve Shambhala Mountain Center for future generations, our goal is to have a wide base of supporters that make it possible to fund operations and continue offering programs.

This year, our goal is to increase monthly donations enough to completely support operations by 2020.

That means in 2019, we need only 100 new donors!

And we need you to make this possible– even just $1/month helps.

If you’d like to know more about Monthly Giving or give via an Automatic Bank Withdrawal, please contact our Development Associate, Whitney at 970-881-2184 ext. 364

Thank you for giving your time, resources, and love to SMC.