Post-Fire Visitor Guidelines — Spring/Summer 2021

Much of SMC land is in recovery from the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire and remains fragile. When visiting, for the health of the land and your own safety, please follow these protocols:

  • Stay only on roads and paths. Forestry experts warn that walking over burned areas can severely impact the regrowth process. In addition, burned root systems lead to unstable ground that can collapse when walked over and partially burned trees can fall, posing safety hazards.
  • Do not walk through burned structure remains. These structures likely contained asbestos and the ruins are toxic. Until we are able to get professional asbestos removal teams to clean them up, please stay clear for your own health and safety. 
  • The Great Stupa is closed to all visitors for fire remediation, please do not try to enter. 
  • Do not enter any buildings while on the land. Outdoor porta potties are available at the Stupa and the upper parking lot. The SMC Gift Store is closed.
  • Bring food and water. Meals for visitors are not available at this time. 

Thank you for your understanding and for following these guidelines. if you have any questions, please contact the SMC Rusung, Reid Miller, at

For more information on SMC’s environmental work, please see Partnering with the Land:  SMC’s Forestry Conservation Project and the Cameron Peak Fire.


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