Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Discover the remarkable world of nocturnal meditation, where a wealth of wisdom awaits you every night. Lucid dreaming and dream yoga have boundless potential for rapid psychological and spiritual growth. During this weekend we’ll explore the more →

Lucid Dream Yoga

Andrew Holecek

May 17–21, 2017
We are living in a time where personal experience is not always valued or appreciated. Bringing attention to the breath is the first step in a profound journey to the heart of life. Along the way, more →

Mindfulness: A Window to the Heart

Acharya Daniel Hessey

June 15–18, 2017
  Fearlessly Embracing our Toughest Personal and Societal Challenges with Mindfulness, Compassion and Bravery With Special Guest Jimmy Santiago Baca It is a natural expression of our humanity to care for others and our world, yet more →

Engaged Mindfulness Retreat – Not Turning Away

Acharya Fleet Maull, Rhonda Magee and Jimmy Santiago Baca

June 16–20, 2017
“Sesshin” means gathering of heart and mind and body. This five-day silent retreat allows us the opportunity to develop practice and settle into our essential nature. The emphasis is the practice of “zazen”, sitting meditation, which begins more →

5-Day Zen Sesshin

Katharine Kaufman

June 17–23, 2017
  We all carry with us a store of life’s hurts, betrayals, and traumas. Much of the impact of these experiences resides deeply in our nerves and cells of our bodies, to be re-lived repeatedly throughout more →
The Buddha sought liberation for 6 years. He mastered various practices but found them all to be unsatisfactory. Then, he recalled his attainment of jhana when he was young under the rose-apple tree. On the night more →

Entering the Path of Meditation

Venerable Dr. Pannavati

August 23–27, 2017
By engaging in just one activity at a time, yoga and Buddhist practices teach us how to be fully present. However, our body tells us that it gets strong, clear, and nimble when we alternate our more →

The Resiliency Practices of Yoga and Buddhism

Cyndi Lee

September 1–3, 2017
  Do a deep dive into your meditation practice with this one week intensive. Appropriate for newbies and experienced meditators, this is a chance to deepen your understanding of meditation as well as your own mind more →

Week-long Spring Meditation Retreat (Weekthun)

Lodro Rinzler and Susan Piver

March 17–25, 2018