Buddhist Meditation Retreats

Rediscover Fresh Perception Uniquely blending meditation, contemplative arts, sensory discovery practices, and Hatha Yoga, we will practice in a rich environment to shed habitual patterns and rediscover the world with fresh perception. Open to the Fullness more →

Touching the Moment: Indelible Presence

Acharya Dale Asrael and Cynthia Moku

May 9–13, 2018
The primary focus of this retreat will be the practice of sitting and walking meditation in Noble Silence. There will be dharma talks, meditation instruction, and small group interviews with the teacher. In addition, we’ll do more →

Insight Meditation Retreat: Grief, Joy and Awakening

David Chernikoff

May 21–27, 2018
We sleep one-third of our lifetime, an average of twenty to twenty-five years. Centuries ago, Tibetan yogis developed spiritual practices that use dream and sleep as a spiritual path. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will teach us about more →

Dream and Sleep Yogas: Teachings from the Bön Mother Tantra

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

June 1–4, 2018
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Summer Dathun: A Month-Long Meditation Retreat

Shastri Calryn Aston

June 8–July 8, 2018
Modern brain science is beginning to shed light on the underlying neuropsychological basis of deep experiences of present moment awareness, integrated wholeness of mind, and the sense of interdependent connection with nature and physical reality. Join more →

Neurodharma: A 10-Day Vipassana Retreat

Rick Hanson

June 8–17, 2018
Practice meditation to recover a sense of balance, cultivate fearlessness, sharpen your mind, and soften your heart. This 4-day retreat is a gathering for the Open Heart Project, a 20,000 member online meditation community, AND anyone more →

Open Heart Project Retreat

Susan Piver

June 27–July 1, 2018
When we release belief in the ego, we release our suffering as well—an insight which is the essence of liberation. Explore and experience the wisdom of this truth as Michael W. Taft guides you in meditation more →
Come transform through the power of the mandala, a universal template of inner and outer wholeness. Drawing on her experience as a Tibetan Buddhist nun, who became a best-selling author and world-renowned Buddhist teacher, Lama Tsultrim more →
  We all want and need the capacity to love and be loved unconditionally. We also seek the understanding and insight to work confidently with the challenges in our modern busy lives. Rinpoche teaches on how more →

Rediscovering Essence Love

Tsoknyi Rinpoche

August 10–12, 2018
    Radical Dharma is an urgent call to dharma communities to wake from the habitual ways they and their members reproduce and sustain exclusion. Radical Dharma advocates a "new dharma" that deconstructs rather than amplifies more →

Living Radical Dharma

Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Lama Rod Owens

August 10–13, 2018
Our world seems to be increasingly influenced by speed, materialism, and aggression. Many of us feel overwhelmed and powerless, wondering how we can make a difference. Compassion in Action is an opportunity to reconnect with our more →

Compassion in Action

Sharon Salzberg, Acharya Fleet Maull and Rhonda Magee

August 15–19, 2018
Join renowned meditation master Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche for this special meditation retreat designed to take us through a progression of the true human experience of happiness and a sense of well-being to the total transformation of more →
Discover the remarkable world of nocturnal meditation, where a wealth of wisdom awaits you every night. Lucid dreaming and dream yoga have boundless potential for rapid psychological and spiritual growth. During this weekend we’ll explore the more →

Lucid Dream Yoga

Andrew Holecek

September 7–9, 2018