Family Retreats

Families come in all shapes, sizes and formations, and possess unique characteristics, personalities, and heritage. Each individual, in some way or another, is a part of some type of family, however they define it. Understanding who more →

Adoptive Families Retreat

Julie Goldstein and Leslie Gossett

June 13–16, 2019
This program is being run by Shambhala Sun Camp and held at Shambhala Mountain Center. For more information, questions, and to register, please visit their website: Sun Camp July 21 - 28 Shambhala Sun Camp more →

Shambhala Sun Camp

July 18–30, 2019
Nurture family connections while rejuvenating your spirit in the beautiful terrain of Shambhala Mountain Center. Family Camp is a creative and contemplative retreat the whole family can enjoy. Take time for yourself in the mornings to practice meditation or yoga while your children more →

Family Camp and Rites of Passage

Steve Sachs, Kelly Lindsey, Nicole Wolf and Rachel Steele

July 27–August 3, 2019