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These days, many of us find that our minds are agitated, experiencing a variety of forms of unhappiness, sadness, and anxiety. This hinders our lives and blocks the flow of our energy. In this online retreat, more →
Join Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche for a Friday night online Dharma Talk. If you would like to register for the full program instead, please click here. These days, many of us find that our minds are agitated, more →
Please Note: The dates for this program have been changed; it was originally scheduled for April 3-4.  Simply being a human being can be exhausting– especially when we live in a culture that condemns rest. Add to more →
The single focus of the Buddha’s teachings was showing living beings the path of liberation from suffering and reconnecting with our natural state of freedom. The profundity and sophistication with which the Buddha expressed this journey more →

ONLINE • Summer Seminar I: Discovering the Path of Liberation, and II: Living Wisdom and Compassion

Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown, Noel McLellan, Holly Gayley and Gelong Loden Nyima

June 16–July 15, 2021