Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is at the heart of all our relationships – with self, family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances – anyone whom we encounter. Both blissful and challenging, relationships are an integral part of spiritual practice, providing an unparalleled mirror through which we can see and know ourselves.

Awakening our hearts and minds is not a solo activity; it is a path we each must walk together. Without interaction, we would never receive teachings, good counsel, community support or essential feedback critical to our growth. Whether together as intimate partners, family, friends or community, our path of relationships is as necessary as it is both difficult and enriching.

Shambhala Mountain Center offers a range of Personal Transformation programs that work with our inner and outer selves, to help us open up to others and to compassionately engage with the outer manifestations of family, community and society-at-large. From consciously loving and living to unleashing our calling, awakening to our dreams, engaging in recovery practices or courageously dealing with critical illness, our relationships are a path of awakening.

This program has been cancelled/postponed due to urgent medical conditions. Please stay tuned for a possible reschedule. What is Shaman's Heart? The Shaman’s Heart is a revolutionary new program for developing one’s full capacity for soul-based more →

Shaman’s Heart: The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence

Byron Metcalf and Karen Malik

May 1–3, 2015
THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Join us for this weekend of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and study as we contemplate The Words of My Perfect Teacher, the famous and sacred text written by the renowned 19th more →

Turning the Mind to Dharma

Naksang Rinpoche

May 8–10, 2015
Join us for a special Mother’s Day retreat and take a rest from the daily demands of motherhood. Our pristine mountain environment offers rest and relaxation. Enjoy taking scenic walks, visiting the Great Stupa, or following more →
This program has been cancelled. Discover Yantra Yoga, the Tibetan Yoga of Movement, an authentic and living tradition of working with the three gates of body, speech, and mind. During this retreat, we will explore a more →

Yantra Yoga

Luke Karamol

May 15–17, 2015
sara avant stover_1214
Calling all women who do too much! This spring retreat, based on Sara's best-selling book, will offer you a safe respite from your busy life. It brings together a tribe of like-minded women who are longing more →

The Way of the Happy Woman: Silent Spring Retreat

Sara Avant Stover

May 21–24, 2015
Celebrate the Music of Your Soul Explore music and rhythm as a gateway for therapeutic process and honest communication. In its fifth year, this annual program weaves the four elements of music medicine into a powerful more →

Healing Sound Retreat

Christine Stevens

May 28–31, 2015
Like the snow melting to reveal vast meadows ripe with the promise of wildflowers, we too can shed the layers of past seasons and old habits to make way for new possibilities in our lives. By more →

Waking up to the Wild: Nature Walks

Kay Peterson

May 29–31, 2015
SMC Stupa & Sacred Shrine O'Hern_115
Celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha with a special Retreat and Renewal. This time of year, known as Saga Dawa (or Wesak), offers a powerful opportunity to refresh our intentions to lead noble more →

Saga Dawa Retreat & Renewal

June 1–3, 2015
Discover the power of compassionate awareness by bringing mindfulness into your daily life. During this nourishing retreat, we will embrace our vulnerabilities and allow them to safely guide us into expansive ease. By practicing the art more →

Lila Yoga Mindfulness Retreat

Erica Kaufman

June 4–7, 2015
Experience powerful ways of releasing grief and communicating with your departed loved ones. This healing retreat will draw on Sue Frederick’s bestselling book, Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side (chosen more →

Bridges to Heaven: A Grief Healing Workshop

Sue Frederick

June 5–7, 2015
Connect with your inner lotus and learn to paint with rocks and minerals! This retreat offers unique approaches to visual art, using them as a pathway to personal growth and expression. We will explore techniques for more →

Creating Your Inner Mandala

Kalsang Dawa

July 2–6, 2015
Meditate for a week or the full month of Dathun. Our program will include individual meditation instruction, guided meditations to deepen our shamatha practice, and contemplative meditation to develop insight and open our hearts to compassion. more →

Summer Dathun: A Month-long Meditation Retreat

Acharya Allyn Lyon

July 24–August 21, 2015
“Whether we sit for a month or a week, coming to
 a Dathun is a profound step. We have heard about peace, strength of mind, and enlightenment. During Dathun, we discover what these elements are, we more →

Summer Weekthun: A Week-long Meditation Retreat

Acharya Allyn Lyon

July 24–August 21, 2015
Discover relaxation and wakefulness in our pristine mountain environment. Our Retreat and Renewal programs offer contemplative approaches for working with the fullness of daily modern life, bringing insight and inspiration to career, family, health, relationships, and more →

Retreat & Renewal

July 24–26, 2015
Are you ready to experience, and then write forth the truth of who you really are? The practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness, a practice toward deeper self-awareness, which moves us along the path more →

Writing as a Path to Awakening

Albert Flynn DeSilver

August 13–17, 2015
Discover relaxation and wakefulness in our pristine mountain environment. Our Retreat and Renewal programs offer contemplative approaches for working with the fullness of daily modern life, bringing insight and inspiration to career, family, health, relationships, and more →

Retreat & Renewal

August 28–30, 2015
Brian Mullins
Explore a contemplative approach to music with this experiential acoustic workshop. During this creative weekend, we will discover the foundations and fundamentals of musical commonality found in nature, based in your instrument or voice, replicated in more →

Acoustic Elements: Traditional Music Workshop

Brian Mullins

August 28–30, 2015
For more information about this program please visit the Courageous Women Website. Please use discount code "CW25" to receive 25% off housing when registering. (Thanks in advance to those that choose to pay full price and more →

9th Annual Courageous Women Fearless Living Cancer Retreat

Acharya Emeritus Judith Lief, Victoria Maizes and Linda Sparrowe

September 8–13, 2015
Janet Solyntjes
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a program of practical, scientifically-supported teachings to reduce stress, facilitate relaxation, and promote physical health and emotional well-being. Inspired by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, this retreat offers tools for engaging more →

Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Janet Solyntjes

September 18–20, 2015
Co-sponsored by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society. All of us have an innate capacity to experience well being, strength, and confidence, even in the face of stress, pain, or illness. In more →

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat: A 7-Day, Teacher-Led, Silent Retreat

Janet Solyntjes and Jim Colosi

November 6–13, 2015