Relationship, Family & Work

Family Spring Break Retreat offers nourishing connection with yourself, your family and community. Together we explore and create a culture of kindness - caring deeply for ourselves and each other. We practice movement and meditation, join more →

Spring Break Family Retreat

Leslie Gossett, Kate Raddock and Matthew Parkinson

March 25–29, 2019
A Couples Workshop Every great wisdom tradition teaches the importance of love and compassion. But how do we practice this in our daily lives, especially in our intimate relationships? We will draw on the Buddhist teachings of more →
Our bodies hold our lives. They hold wisdom and energy for living and growing. They also hold our obstacles: anxiety, painful emotions and constricting habitual patterns.The more we are able to make loving contact with these more →

Trusting the Wisdom of Direct Experience: Embodied Listening®

Hope Martin and David Rome

May 24–27, 2019