Wisdom Traditions

Wisdom traditions represent mankind’s deepest source of knowledge about universal principles that govern harmonious, prosperous and sustainable existence. The term is often given to the inner core or mystical aspects of a religion or spiritual tradition, without the trappings, doctrines, sectarianisms and power structures often associated with institutionalized religions. Wisdom traditions provide a conceptual framework for the development of the inner self, living a spiritual life and the realization of enlightenment.

Shambhala Mountain Center has been offering programs steeped in contemplative wisdom traditions from around the world for more than 40 years. We regularly host world-renowned teachers and indigenous wisdom keepers who have cultivated the knowledge, through their own personal practices and ancestral teachings, to be able to reach out and lead others skillfully along their own path.

From various Buddhist lineages and Shamanic cultures, to previously held secret practices of Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong, to ancient healing traditions using plant spirits, herbs, dreams, yoga, meditation and more, our Wisdom Traditions programs allow for exploring many different paths along the journey towards transformation of self and society.

Discover the power of compassionate awareness by bringing mindfulness into your daily life. During this nourishing retreat, we will embrace our vulnerabilities and allow them to safely guide us into expansive ease. By practicing the art more →

Lila Yoga® Mindfulness Retreat

Erica Kaufman

June 1–4, 2017
  Many of us “overtrain” in running and in life. Why so much work? Why so much running? Why so much anxiety and unhappiness? This retreat, led by 2:23:25 and 2:24:30 marathoners Marty Kibiloski and Michael more →

Running with the Legends: Running, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat

Marty Kibiloski, Michael Sandrock and Allie Geer

June 9–11, 2017
Have you taken beginner yoga classes or retreats and now want to find a deeper understanding of the postures and practice of yoga? Over this weekend we will find a more challenging practice not by making more →
Looking to get away to nature with your family this summer? Come nurture bonds while rejuvenating your spirit in the beautiful terrain of Shambhala Mountain Center. Family Camp is a creative and contemplative retreat the whole more →

Family Camp and Rites of Passage

Steve Sachs, Kelly Lindsey, Nicole Wolf and Rachel Steele

July 30–August 6, 2017
Our bodies hold emotions, images, patterns, and stories. When we inhabit our bodies through mindfulness practices, we come to know ourselves as complete and wakeful beings. During this rejuvenating program, we will play with the 4 more →

Women’s Summer Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Katharine Kaufman

August 2–6, 2017
 Discover the Art of Zen Calligraphy Explore the 1,700-year-old wisdom of East Asian calligraphy and engage your heart in learning and creativity. Let Go of Inner Criticism During this contemplative Zen calligraphy retreat, we will faithfully more →

Heart of the Brush

Kazuaki Tanahashi

August 18–20, 2017
  Enjoy a deeper dive in the stunning natural beauty of Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center, with author and internationally acclaimed music therapist Christine Stevens.  We will practice the four elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and silence more →

Music Medicine Facilitation Training

Christine Stevens

August 25–29, 2017
Celebrate the Music of Your Soul Explore music and rhythm as a gateway for therapeutic process and honest communication. In its 7th year, this annual program approaches music as medicine, weaving together a powerful experience in cross-cultural rhythms, chants, more →

Healing Sound Retreat: Rhythm and Sacred Gongs for Spiritual Practice

Christine Stevens and Richard Rudis

August 25–27, 2017
- Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche In this retreat, meditation master Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche will provide instructions and guided meditations on the unique type of meditation called Pristine Mind meditation presented in his book Our Pristine Mind: A more →
  This popular retreat is based on Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s best-selling book Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training the Body and the Mind. Geared for runners, walkers, and other athletes, the book offers more →

Running with the Mind of Meditation

Cynthia MacKay, Michael Sandrock, Marty Kibiloski and Jenny Hannah

September 1–4, 2017
  A continuation of the popular Labor Day “Running with the Mind of Meditation” retreat, this clinic is aimed at helping those who want to gain additional insight into their training and compete in races ranging more →

High Altitude Running Clinic

Marty Kibiloski and Michael Sandrock

September 4–5, 2017
Join Anyen Rinpoche as he gives an introduction to Lojong teachings, which are a set of antidotes to the mental habits that cause us suffering. These teachings help us connect with the world in an unconditionally more →

Making the Most of What We Have: Lojong Mind Training

Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo

September 21–24, 2017
  Do a deep dive into your meditation practice with this one week intensive. Appropriate for newbies and experienced meditators, this is a chance to deepen your understanding of meditation as well as your own mind more →

Week-long Spring Meditation Retreat (Weekthun)

Lodro Rinzler and Susan Piver

March 17–25, 2018