Yoga Retreats

Our minds and bodies are naturally awake, whole, complete, healthy, and sacred. Yet in today's speedy and chaotic world, many of us come to meditation from feelings of extreme stress, anxiety, heartbreak, despair, loneliness, and exhaustion. more →

Beyond Hope and Fear

Gelong Loden Nyima and Melissa Lago

May 12–17, 2020
  Yoga and meditation provide an ideal practice combo to bring us back to beginner's mind – a sense of relaxation, effortlessness, and unconditional cheerfulness. We will alternate between meditation practices and yoga sequences to work more →

Fresh Start: Yoga and Meditation for All Beings

De West and Brian Spielmann

June 5–7, 2020
Designing a life of beauty and meaning– one in which you can fully express your deepest truth– is the grandest creative project you’ll ever take on. And it’s worth it! One of the top five regrets more →
Are you feeling out of tune? Looking for balance? Do you long to pause, connect with nature and your body’s own wisdom? The pairing of meditation with Yoga is lively, intimate and generous. During this June more →

The Art of Undoing: Yoga and Meditation

Katharine Kaufman

June 18–21, 2020
A passing rainstorm doesn’t have to ruin a hike if we remember to bring a raincoat, or don’t mind getting a little wet. The clouds will eventually pass. Regardless, we could be left feeling stronger and more →

Weathering Life’s Storms: Mindful Hiking

Kay Peterson

June 25–28, 2020
Change catches us by surprise at times. Sometimes it may feel like our life adventure has unexpectedly brought us to the banks of a swollen river and we’re not sure how to proceed – do we more →

Opening to Change: Mindful Hiking

Kay Peterson

August 7–9, 2020
Distance running or walking is often the exercise of choice for reducing stress, bringing us greater perspective, and connecting us directly to the wisdom of the body.The practices of meditation and yoga offer similar benefits, helping more →

Running with the Mind of Meditation and Yoga

Marty Kibiloski, Michael Sandrock, Nathan Railla and Lara Johnson

September 4–7, 2020
Note: The dates for this program have been changed from April 23rd-26th to October 22nd-25th. Katherine will also be offering two similar programs in June and August of this year: The Art of Undoing: Yoga and more →

Wisdom of the Body: Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Katharine Kaufman

October 22–25, 2020