Adoptive Families Retreat

Julie Goldstein and Leslie Gossett

June 13–16, 2019

3 nights
Adult Tuition $185, Child Tuition (11 years and up) $125 + Lodging

Julie Goldstein

Leslie Gossett

This program has been canceled. 

Families come in all shapes, sizes and formations, and possess unique characteristics, personalities, and heritage. Each individual, in some way or another, is a part of some type of family, however they define it. Understanding who we truly are in relation to others, and being able to celebrate ourselves, each other, and our origins are longings felt deep within the human spirit. Exploring how to be together in authentically loving ways, allows us to begin finding contentment both within ourselves and in our family lives.

Adoptive families share a special path together that might evoke questions without clear answers. This Adoptive Families Retreat will offer all family members the space and community to engage in sharing some of these questions, along with an opportunity to explore what makes a family a family. We will all have a chance to share our stories, and build community with other families on a similar path. Mindfulness and compassion practices and tools that will support this connective format, will be offered as a way to support each individual’s particular journey.

The weekend program will include breakout sessions where parents are separate from youth, as well as sessions where families are all together. Particular activities include yoga, meditation, creative projects, storytelling, nature exploration, discussions, contemplations, experiential activities, and sharing of resources with one another.

Amongst the many contemplations we’ll engage with are:

• Who am I? What is my story? How can I feel comfortable in sharing my story?
• What does it mean to belong?
• What does it mean to choose to be family?
• What can I learn by reframing my approach to my story around my family experience?

In many ways, all families engage with these questions. However, adoptive families and chosen families have the unique situation to reframe their experiences on this path where questions and answers can oftentimes be a bit more complex and not already taken for granted.

This program is designed for families with youth who are middle and high school aged. Families with one or more adoptive children in addition to biological children, families with one biological parent and one adoptive parent, families with internationally adopted children, families with domestically adopted children, foster families, and all other variations of adoptive families are included and welcome in this retreat.

Julie Goldstein

Julie Goldstein holds MA degrees from Naropa University and the University of Colorado, as well as a Coaching Certification from the University of Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology. She has worked in the roles of program coordinator, community organizer, board member, facilitator, and philanthropist in the non-profit arena for over 25 years. Julie has one adopted daughter from China.

Leslie Gossett

Leslie Gossett is the Chair of the Leadership Council for the Shambhala Office of Families and Children and founder of Be You Yoga and Mindfulness for Families and Children. She has worked with children for over 20 years. A certified yoga teacher for children and adults, and a Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala tradition, Leslie offers a path for children, youth, teens, parents, and families to connect with the strength and wisdom of their own hearts. In her free time, you can find her brewing herbal potions, learning to speak dragon, and building faery houses with the amazing children in her life.

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