Being with the Land: Turning to Nature and the Seasons

Clare Walker Leslie

September 5–7, 2014

Tuition $205 + 2 nights

A Four Seasons Program

Join naturalist, writer, artist, and teacher Clare Walker Leslie, for an opportunity to sink into the earth, air, sky, and mountains around you, gathering a deeper connection to land that can carry you beyond this weekend. These days will foster our relationship with and gratitude for the natural world as a support for reflection and a source of creative vision and inspiration. We will observe in both silence and in conversation, learning some of the ecology of the land at this particular time of year. We will record our experiences in various simple forms of word and image, as well as in the silence of observational meditation. Bring your own writing tools, a journal, and a shawl to sit on.

Four Seasons Program: Earth & Sky

The retreat groups for Being with the Land and Contemplative Astronomy will join together for two short sessions over the weekend to share in exploration of our connection to both earth and sky. This collaboration is part of our new Four Seasons program—an exciting series of interdisciplinary, nature-based programs bringing together the expertise of scientific disciplines and wisdom traditions to celebrate and understand our sacred Earth.

For more information on the Four Seasons Program, click here.

Clare Walker Leslie

Clare Walker Leslie, an internationally known naturalist, artist, educator and author of twelve books on observing nature, including: The Nature Connection, Keeping A Nature Journal, and Drawn To Nature. Clare lives in Cambridge, MA and Granville, VT with her family and various animals. She is a practicing member of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.

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