Bringing your Practice Home

Katharine Kaufman

November 21–23, 2014

Tuition $190 + 2 nights

This program has been cancelled.

One way to make sense of our varied and complex lives is to begin or end each day with yoga and meditation practice in our own homes, hotel rooms, or offices. But how do we start? What do we do? Together, we will cultivate authentic practices rooted in ancient wisdom lineages, discovering different ways to design a practice—short, long, simple, complex, playful, and restorative. Listening to our creativity, intuition and senses, we will engage the inner qualities of our body and mind, appreciating our evolving abilities and capacities.

No previous experience with yoga or meditation necessary.

Katharine Kaufman

Katharine Kaufman, MFA, is ordained as a priest in the Soto Zen lineage. She studied Yoga in India and practiced and taught for many years at Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop and Wendy Bramlett’s Studio Be. Katharine is an adjunct professor at Naropa University where she teaches Contemplative Movement Arts and is a student of poetry.

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