Bowing to the Sacred Within

Monique Illona and Blane Allen

February 6–8, 2015

Tuition $225 + 2 nights


Somewhere between the 13th and 14th century, a buddha statue was built in Sukathai, Thailand. It was tall, 9.5 feet in height, and it was heavy, weighing 5.5 tons. This plaster buddha was covered with bits of glass that must have shone like jewels. In 1935 the statue was moved to a new home in Bangkok but when it reached its destination, there was no room big enough to house it. It took them until 1955 to build it a room in the temple it is housed in to this day. BUT– as it was being moved, it slipped and fell, and a crack formed- shedding light on gold that had been covered over for all those years. It was only then that the Golden Buddha was discovered.

With the many responsibilities, expectations and roles we meet to function in our families and communities, many of us lose touch with the sacred, the gold, within. Throughout our lifetime the Sacred calls to us with a variety of wake-up calls which range from feeling lost or dissatisfied and asking, “Is this it- or is there more to life?” to near-death experiences. We may try to heed this call with a yoga or meditation class but if the sacred is not integrated into our life, into our very being, we are left forever seeking.

The Dual Path is unique in that while it gently and powerfully diffuses emotional, physical, behavioral and thought patterns that coat our sacredness and confine us like the plaster covering of the Golden Buddha, at the same time it reconnects us with, and cultivates, the sacred within. Once we honor the sacred within and learn to return to it at will, we become clear, grounded, focused and vibrant as our spirit awakens.

Awaken your spirit with these Sacred Practices that draw from ancient as well as present day wisdom rather than a specific religious or philosophical doctrine. Be awakened by these practices based on neuroscience, Native American ritual, EFT (tapping on the meridians), Dual Path Meditation and other practices from Monique Illona’s book, A Dual Path: Sacred Practices and Bodywork.

If the sacred has been calling to you, heed the call by Bowing to the Sacred Within. If you feel you are ‘on the path’ or want to step onto it in a serious way,  have an interest in clarity and focus, are working on strengthening personal energetic practices or personal boundaries, or feel ready for a transformation, listen to the wake up call! This class is therefore ideal for: those who listen to the call by attending or running yoga and meditation classes, musicians, artists, and those in the helping professions (including massage professionals, nurses and social workers.) But in the end it is not the profession or even the lifestyle, it is the spirit that needs to call you to join us!

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