The Descent: The Creative Power of the Dark

Elizabeth Rabia Roberts

December 13–15, 2013

Tuition $165 + 2 nights

We apologize, this program has been cancelled.

Winter is not a failed summer! Dark times are a natural part of our physical, psychological, and spiritual experience. What if darkness is not a failure, but instead a restorative and creative time in which we have access to previously hidden realizations?  Wisdom traditions throughout history have given us myths and teachings that offer capacities for navigating these dark nights of the soul. Darkness means that we can’t see with our usual sight, but are plunged into the well of mystery, of not-knowing, where we no longer see things from the outside as a witness. Instead we depend on the grace of an inner “dark light,” seen only by us, that offers the possibility of spring and redemption. During this weekend we will explore how to move through our own dark nights, and be able to help guide others through this process.

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Elizabeth Rabia Roberts

Elizabeth Rabia Roberts is a spiritual teacher, citizen activist, and specialist in non-formal education. She began this work in 1964 in Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King, and since then has taught and served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Burma, among others. A vision quest guide for 22 years, she is the co-editor of Earth Prayers, Life Prayers, and Prayers for a Thousand Years. She helped found Naropa’s Masters Program in Environmental Leadership and Certificate Program in Ecopsychology.

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