Dwelling In the Sacred: Spaces as Vessels of Awakening

Anthony Lawlor

May 17–19, 2013

Tuition $195 + 2 nights

This retreat invites us to experience our home, workplace, and community as sacred places that can serve as allies on our life journey. Exercises held in the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya will allow us to feel the archetypal elements of holy sites and to learn ways of finding peace, healing, and inspiration within the buildings we inhabit each day. Through a variety of practices we will sense the connections between the buildings sheltering us and our patterns of thought, speech, and action. We will learn ways of arranging furnishings, selecting colors, and choosing materials to increase inner and outer harmony, health, and happiness, and to engage our living spaces as vessels for spiritual awakening.

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Anthony Lawlor

Anthony Lawlor is an architect and the author of A Home for the Soul, The Temple in the House, 24 Patterns of Wisdom, and a film, The Living Temple. He has received awards from the American Institute of Architects and Interior Design Magazine, and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, National Public Radio, and other media outlets.

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