Trusting the Wisdom of Direct Experience: Embodied Listening®

Hope Martin and David Rome

May 25–28, 2018

Tuition $300 + 3 nights

David Rome

David Rome

Hope Martin

Hope Martin

Our bodies hold our lives. They hold wisdom and energy for living and growing. They also hold our obstacles: anxiety, painful emotions and constricting habitual patterns.The more we are able to make loving contact with these places and live deeply from within our bodies, the more our stuck places transform, allowing for a more authentic, joyous and fruitful life.

During this retreat, we will draw on three contemplative practices that cultivate insight, compassion and confidence: Mindfulness Meditation to relax mental holding patterns; Alexander Technique to release physical holding patterns; and Mindful Focusing to access deeper feelings held in the body. This workshop is highly experiential and includes periods of meditation, exploration of the felt sense, gentle hands-on bodywork, sharing together and humor.

About the Instructors

Instructors David Rome and Hope Martin have been teaching together since 2002 throughout North America. Both are qualified Focusing Trainers as well as Buddhist meditation teachers. To learn more about Hope and David’s work, visit and read their article “Are You Listening?” published in the Shambhala Sun.


The weekend was a treasure. It was one of the most effective educational experiences of my adult life and I will work with it for years to come.   – Emily B.

Embodied Listening brought together mind, physical body and inner self in a manner I’ve never fully consciously experienced before … It was a transformative experience that I intend to make part of my daily practice. – Paul G.

The techniques I learned in the Embodied Listening retreat have stayed with me long after the last day. The key take-away that I am constantly working with is noticing. Noticing what my body’s habits are in terms of posture and noticing what my body is saying to me. Just noticing gives me so much insight into what I am really feeling and what is true for me. This allows me to move through my day with more relaxation and calm.  – Samantha S.

From the SMC Blog & More

“Our bodies hold our lives. They hold wisdom and energy for living and growing—and they hold the things that get in the way of living and growing: fear, anxiety, stress and more. When negative holding patterns are not recognized, tensions build up and space for living constricts.” – David Rome & Hope Martin

Read the rest of David & Hope’s article Embodied Listening on our blog.

Also check out this article from David & Hope from Shambhala Sun.

Hope Martin

Hope Martin has taught the Alexander Technique for 33 years and operates Hope Martin Studio in New York City. She is a Meditation Instructor and a Focusing Trainer. Hope was a Senior Teacher, training Alexander teachers for two decades at the American Center for The Alexander Technique in NYC. Her particular passion is in helping her students discover how easeful, upright posture is an expression of their human dignity, confidence, and innate wakefulness. Hope is a close student of Pema Chodron and has been her cook and attendant for over 25 years.


David Rome

David I. Rome is the developer of Mindful Focusing, an integration of Eugene Gendlin’s Felt-Sense Focusing and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices. He is the author of Your Body Knows the Answer; Using Your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, and Liberate Creativity (Shambhala Publications, 2014). Earlier, David studied Buddhism with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, for whom he served as private secretary for many years.

Program Details

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