Falling into the Moment: Breath-Centered Yoga with Ravi Dykema

Ravi Dykema

October 23–25, 2009

Tuition $140 + 2 nights

Comprehensive traditional hatha yoga offers a recipe of pain-free practices that, in combination, reliably change your mental-emotional state. After a weekend of yoga, for days or weeks later, you can expect to be less troubled by anxious thoughts and to see a bluer sky, hear sweeter morning birdcalls, and feel a softer breeze on your skin. This style of yoga adapts to anyone’s body, whether stiff, out-of-shape, or athletically toned. We will combine breath, postures, meditation and periods of silence to unwind the stressors that constrain your blissful mind-body.

Ravi Dykema, Yogiraj, was adjunct professor of yoga at Naropa University for 16 years and created the Yoga Concentration in the Traditional Eastern Arts bachelor’s degree program. He was given the title “Yogiraj” (yoga master) by his guru, Swami Gitananda, during his 4-year residency at Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry, India in the 1970s. He is author of a college textbook on yoga, Yoga for Fitness and Wellness.

Ravi Dykema

Ravi Dykema, Yogiraj, was an adjunct professor of Yoga at Naropa University for 16 years and is author of a college textbook, Yoga for Fitness and Wellness. He was given the title Yogiraj by his guru Dr. Swami Gitananda of Pondicherry, India. Ravi has been the publisher and editor of NEXUS, Colorado’s Healthy-Living Connection journal since 1984.


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Financial aid is available for this program.