In the Company of Love: An Introduction to Family Constellations

Suzi Tucker

May 31–June 2, 2019

Tuition $200 + 2 nights

Suzi Tucker

This program has been canceled. 

Family Constellation is both philosophy and an experiential process; its focus is inclusion, integration, celebration. Have you ever wondered if you might be carrying burdens that are not entirely yours? Based in the work of Bert Hellinger, we will explore the ways in which our self-limitations may be entangled in the systemic threads of the past, ways in which we may be secretly wedded to the sadness, failure, poverty, anger, illness, or loss of previous generations. And, together we will begin to imagine how to harness the life-force of the deeper ancestry to find permission and incentive to break free from our destructive loyalties.

Some of what we will look at during our time together:

  • How is our original belonging in our family of origin still alive in our current personal and professional relationships?
  • How have large systemic events — from the early death of a close family member to civil war in our country of origin — influenced the emotional language of our family system and thus our internal system?
  • Where are we merged with or running from our lineage and how does it influence the road ahead?
  • How can we develop fresh relationship with our current relationships — empowered and free?
  • Can we trade in well-worn past-oriented navigational tools (judgment, anger, and wishing) for a new future-oriented compass that lets us discern a more fertile landscape ahead?
  • What if our well-being is precisely the gift the past has been waiting for?

Suzi Tucker

Having worked closely with luminaries in the field of psychology as an editor and publisher for over 30 years, Suzi Tucker received what she dubs an accidental education under the tutelage of a series of brilliant mentors. In 1998, a manuscript came across her desk that captured her imagination, and before long, she was deeply involved in helping to bring the work to the United States as an organizer, a teacher and a writer. Suzi collaborated with Bert Hellinger, the curator of Family Constellation, for more than 15 years. She maintains a very active private practice and presentation schedule and has served as guest faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and the New York Open Center. Suzi is author of Gather Enough Fireflies (2014) and Memory of Memory and Family Constellations and Ways of Teaching (both in process).

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