Free Your Energy

Jeanie Manchester and Billy Goldman

April 19–21, 2013

Tuition $165 + 2 nights

Jeanie Manchester

Billy Goldman

In this retreat we will refine and deepen our understanding of yoga practice by utilizing the breath, the steadying of the gaze, and proper body alignment. The practice will serve as a place to listen and become more aware of our superficial mind and our habitual patterns. As these habitual patterns arise within the container of the practice there is the opportunity to see them for what they are-concepts/ideas.
As one is successful in this endeavor, the energy that was previously deployed in identifying with these ideas is released which results in greater freedom and energy. Not only do we experience greater joy but we begin to respond, versus react, to our challenges.
Through daily asana, pranayama, meditation, and contemplation, we will come to understand better how we can free up the vital life force that is essential for living a vibrant and healthy life.

Jeanie Manchester

Jeanie Manchester, an avid student and teacher of yoga since 1990, has studied closely with Richard Freeman and John Friend. She is a certified Anusara teacher as well as a devoted student of The Rajanaka Tantra tradition, as taught by her teacher, Dr. Douglas Brooks. Her classes delightfully blend the precision of the universal principles of alignment with story and myth as a means to take us deeper into the mystery and power of the yogic process.

Billy Goldman

Bill began studying yoga in 1981 with Richard Freeman and has been teaching since 1994. He continued to study with Richard Freeman, K. Pattabhi Jois, senior Iyengar instructor Gabriella Giubilaro, and others. His classes are a comfortable mix of sharing the details of alignment in the postures with a visceral understanding of the internal feelings that act as cues to movement within each posture.

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Financial aid is available for this program.