How to Be Decent to Yourself and Others: A Loving-Kindness Retreat

Lodro Rinzler

October 19–21, 2018

Tuition $250 + 2 nights

This program has been cancelled.

Join Buddhist author and teacher Lodro Rinzler for the only weekend he is teaching on his brand new book, How To Be Decent. The book and the accompanying weekend provide students with a roadmap for being a kind, compassionate, and decent person in a world where common decency can often feel in short supply. The main focus of this retreat will be cultivating true love, utilizing the four sublime attitudes the Buddha taught 2,600 years ago, with a special focus on loving-kindness practice. Learn to cultivate deeper love for yourself, those you care about, those you don’t know very well, and even those individuals you have a hard time with, in order to live a life that is defined by your open heart.

Lodro Rinzler

Lodro Rinzler has taught meditation for seventeen years in the Shambhala lineage and is the award-winning author of six books including the best-selling The Buddha Walks into a Bar and Love Hurts:Buddhist Advice for the HeartbrokenHe has spoken across the world at conferences, universities and businesses as diverse as Google, Harvard University and the White House. Lodro’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalThe Atlantic, FOX, CBS, and NBC. He serves as co-founder and Chief Spiritual Officer of MNDFL, NYC’s premier drop-in meditation studios. Website:

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