Healing Habits: Repatterning our Deepest Emotional Body

Annie Brook

October 18–20, 2013

Tuition $165 + 2 nights

Our earliest, precognitive experiences can deeply impact the formation of our identity and set patterns of behavior that can derail our later relationships, parenting and work. Without necessarily knowing how or why, we find ourselves creating and reacting to situations that do not support our greatest good, or that of others. During this retreat, we will learn to identify, unravel and realign some of these adaptive behaviors, drawing on simple yet powerful techniques of body-based repatterning, reflection and emotional inquiry. We will begin to heal trust/mistrust issues, repair compromised thinking, and discover ways to support ongoing alignment, confidence, and compassion. From the healing ground of our weekend, reengage your relationships, work and daily life with fresh understanding, wholeness and integrated presence.

Annie Brook

Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC, brings 30+ years of study, practice, and teaching of meditation, movement awareness, ritual, and group process. Annie is an author and international speaker, and was the former Director of the Body Psychotherapy track for Naropa University’s MA in Somatic Psychology. She co-owns Colorado Therapies where she trains interns and practitioners in Body Mind Somanautics.

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