ONLINE • Werma Assembly

Diana Mukpo, Agness Au, Gaylon Ferguson and Loden Nyima

July 25–30, 2021

  • $325.00 – Program Price
  • $225.00 – Generosity Policy - Subsidized Rate
  • $425.00 – Generosity Policy - Supporter Rate

Courtesy of Thangka Painter Greg Smith

This assembly is an opportunity to enter further or refresh a connection to the Shambhala terma and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s teaching streams. Focused on the Werma Sadhana, this will be a reunion of warriors to celebrate together, find healing in community, and deepen our practice in a retreat setting. Participants will receive the lung (reading transmission) and instructions for the Werma Sadhana. It is open to those who have already received the Werma Sadhana and to those who have fulfilled preliminary requirements and wish to receive the lung and associated transmissions. See below for more information about online participation and the application process for first-time recipients of the Werma Sadhana. Please note:  Full participation is required for all attendees.

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We well understand that regardless of what public health precautions are recommended and taken for the pandemic by the time of this program, there is a spectrum of vulnerability, risk, and personal choice for what will feel wise for each individual. If you wish to participate online from home for any reason we warmly encourage you to do so. Out of deep caution and respect for the safety of all participants, very much invite you to choose this option if that is best. Please know you will be supported in so doing.


About the Werma Sadhana

In the Shambhala teachings, the Werma Sadhana is the practice that introduces and connects us to the essence and magic of drala, in ways both profound and in daily life. “The word “sadhana” means a “method of accomplishment.” In the case of The Roar of the Werma: The Sadhana of the Warrior, it is a means of accomplishing the warriorship and enlightened society so deeply called for in today’s intensely challenged world as we yearn to manifest true to the sacred nature of ourselves, each other, and the environment. This is fitting as termas or “hidden treasures” arise in compassionate response to the circumstances of the times. The Werma Sadhana is drawn from the terma text The Scorpion Seal of the Golden Sun: The Full Text which was received by the Dorje Dradül of Mukpo in the spring of 1980 in Lake Louise, Alberta, and subsequently composed in October of the same year while on retreat in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.

Like many sadhanas, it involves elements such as visualization and invocation of deities, offerings, praises, mantra recitation, dedication and aspiration.  The Werma Sadhana does so as the embodiment of core Shambhala principles of basic goodness, lungta, drala, warriorship, and enlightened society.  Many elements will be familiar from Warrior Assembly and further empowered and manifested in this practice. The reading transmission for this sadhana will be offered this summer by the Druk Sakyong Wangmo, Lady Diana Mukpo, who along with others was directly empowered to do so by the Dorje Dradül.  More information on the early history of the Werma Sadhana and its practice can be found here.


For First-Time Recipients of the Werma Sadhana

The preliminaries for receiving the Werma Sadhana at this program are Shambhala Training up through and including Warrior Assembly. However, we realize these are unusually difficult times and many practitioners may not have had access to these teachings over the past years, or may have needed to pause, reflect, or wait to see options for how the Shambhala path would continue before making decisions. If you are inspired to receive the Werma Sadhana at this summer’s program and have not completed through Warrior Assembly, but have a strong connection to the Shambhala teachings and the support of a local teacher, we warmly encourage you to apply and include an additional letter from such a local teacher outlining how you will be supported in your practice of the Shambhala teachings.

The application window for first-time recipients of the Werma Sadhana is closed.

Program Schedule (tentative)

The retreat schedule will include optional early morning sits and evening activities along with a closing Werma feast Friday evening. More specific schedule information will be announced closer to the program start date and slight adjustments may occur. All times are in the Mountain Timezone.

Sunday July 25
7:15 pm Orientation
7:30 pm Opening Talk

Monday July 26 – Friday July 30
9:00 am – 12:00 pm Training Session
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Talk and Practice Sessions

Of course, you may join from any timezone.

Tiered Pricing

This program features tiered pricing to address most cases of financial need. If you would like to apply for an additional scholarship, please click here and apply by July 11.

If you are able to attend the program at the Supporter tier, thank you for helping others attend.


Online registration closes July 18.


Portions of this program will be recorded.

Heart Gift

Toward the end of your retreat you will be asked if you would like to make a heart gift to the teachers of the retreat, as well as program staff and land center staff. In Shambhala and other wisdom cultures, people often make heart gifts to those who have made receiving precious teachings possible. The heart gift is purely optional and based on personal inspiration and gratitude. The amount is not important, just your inspiration to give, connect, and explore the cycles of generosity and offering.

*Heart gifts can be offered via PayPal.


Diana Mukpo

Lady Diana Mukpo, the wife of Vidyadhara the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, was born Diana Judith Pybus in 1953 in England. She first saw Chogyam Trungpa at a Free Tibet rally in London. Within a year, she and the Vidyadhara met and fell in love. They were married on January 3, 1970. A few months later, they left England for North America. They had been married seventeen years when the Vidyadhara died in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1987. Lady Diana has had a lifelong passion for horsemanship. She is among a handful of women who ever trained in dressage at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Today, she continues to train and compete dressage horses at the international level and to teach the discipline of dressage to many students. In addition to pursuing her own career and raising their five children, Lady Diana often accompanied the Vidyadhara when he travelled and taught with him at some seminars and retreats. Lady Diana is the author of Dragon Thunder: My Life with Chogyam Trungpa. Since Rinpoche’s death, Lady Diana has taught throughout the Shambhala mandala, presenting both her personal experiences with the Vidyadhara as well as sharing her knowledge of the Shambhala and Buddhist teachings.

Gaylon Ferguson

Gaylon Ferguson, PhD,  has led mindfulness-awareness retreats for 45 years. He was Core Faculty in Religious Studies at Naropa University. The author of Natural Wakefulness (2009) and Natural Bravery (2016), he contributed the foreword to Black and Buddhist: What Buddhism Can Teach Us About Race, Resilience, Transformation and Freedom (2020). His articles and essays have appeared in Lion’s RoarTricycle, and Buddhadharma.

Loden Nyima

Gelong Loden Nyima is a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He lived at Gampo Abbey from 2009 – 2017 where he practiced intensively, completed Shedra studies, and served in various roles including as a Shastri. He now lives at Shambhala Mountain Center where he serves as Resident Teacher and a founding faculty member for the Summer Seminar and other programs. He spends a portion of each year in retreat, frequently travels to continue his own dharma education, and can often be seen jogging around the land at SMC.

Program Details

This is an online program that will be conducted on Zoom. After registration, you will receive an email with simple instructions for downloading and using Zoom on your computer, laptop, or other device. At least 24 hours before the start time, a link to join the retreat will be sent to you via email.

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