Land Steward Internship

April 15–September 30, 2005

Tuition $0 + 168 nights

Individuals involved in environmental action frequently fall into the traps of aggression, depression, anger and despair. In the face of global environmental devastation, how can we be of real benefit to the world? The Shambhala approach to environmental stewardship is a path of developing wisdom and compassion. Compassion informs us that the world is full of beings that are suffering and in need of our help. The wisdom aspect refers to developing a genuine understanding of the effect our lifestyle, actions and state of mind have on the natural environment. Skillful action involves developing an understanding of the specific needs of the diverse species within our world in order to be of greatest benefit. We will explore the topic of protecting the Earth by invoking the sacred dimension in our everyday lives. This program is intended to train you to teach others and to carry out the work of protecting our natural world.

This six-month internship will expose you to a broad range of horticulture and environmental stewardship techniques while furthering the development of our botanic gardens, trails and land-preservation projects. The program includes 30 hours of work per week (including practical instruction in the field), approximately 5 hours of classroom and discussion time per week, and field trips to other botanic gardens and natural areas in Colorado. You are invited to participate in other classes, talks and activities open to Shambhala Mountain Center staff.

Course curriculum will include training in the following areas:

Program Details

Program Contact: Jim Tolstrup.
Phone: ext.271.

Financial aid is available for this program.