Living Social Getaway 2015

Open Dates

Tuition $0 +

IMPORTANT: Review these steps before registering!

1. During registration you’ll need to set “Choose Payment Option” to “Pay By Check”.

Note: This is strictly for bookkeeping purposes, your full payment has been processed through Living Social–so don’t actually send us a check!

2. You will need to re-select your correct lodging choice. i.e. Lodge Dorm, Lodge Double, Lodge Single, Second Person in Lodge Dorm. If you select a lodging option other than the one chosen on Living Social we will cancel your reservation.

3. Select the two days you would like to stay on the calendar before June 18th. If you book a time after June 18th we will cancel your reservation.

4. If you would like meditation instruction write “Meditation Instruction” in the “Comments or Special Needs” section. If you wait to sign up at check-in at Shambhala Mountain Center we cannot guarantee there will be a meditation instructor available.

Login information for the Awake in the World resource package will be received at check-in.

Unavailable dates: May 21-24, any date after June 5th.

Program Details