Loving Your Way to Enlightenment: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Couple

Camilla Figueroa and Keith Kachtick

September 13–15, 2013

Tuition $170 + 2 nights

There’s a Buddhist belief that a genuinely loving relationship is the practice for which all other practices are preparation.  This weekend couple’s yoga and meditation retreat explores romantic partnership as an opportunity for spiritual awakening, cultivating unconditional love as a path to enlightenment.  Through heart-opening yoga poses, metta and insight meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, and innovative couple’s dialogues, we will discover how to celebrate, revitalize and deepen soulful harmonizing between you and your partner.  Grounded in the ancient wisdom of Indian yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, these practices will fine-tune our communication skills, enhance understanding of our partner’s needs and desires, and help us to realize our full spiritual potential.  For yoga and meditation students of all levels; heterosexual or same-gender couples in committed relationships welcome.

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Camilla Figueroa

Camilla Figueroa, MSW, is founder of Dharma Yoga Therapy and is certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Dharma Yoga and Phoenix Rising Therapy.

Keith Kachtick

Keith Kachtick, founder of Dharma Yoga, has taught meditation and yoga worldwide since 1999. Keith writes for Yoga Journal and is author of You Are Not Here & Other Works of Buddhist Fiction and Hungry Ghost.

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