Boundless Playground: Creativity and the Meditative Mind

Nina Rolle

April 27–29, 2018

Tuition $150 + 2 nights

We are all creative–whether that is expressed through the arts, how we get dressed in the morning, or how we pack lunches. During this retreat, we will examine the connection between the meditative mind and the creative process. Through the practices of meditation and contemplation, we connect to the present moment, giving us access to the vast playground of our inherent creativity. Fresh inspirations come from a settled mind and an open heart. Learn how to open your senses, delight in curiosity and play within the practices to experience the richness that is always available to us.

No experience is necessary.

Nina Rolle

Nina Rolle is a voiceover artist, cabaret performer, and avid thrower of holiday dinner parties. She was first introduced to Shambhala meditation in 1989 at the Naropa Institute, and her practice path and artistic career path have been intertwined ever since. In addition to Shambhala Training, Nina teaches Dharma Art for the Chapman University program at SMC.

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