Mindfulness Retreat for Educators

Rona Wilensky and Linda Wallace

June 3–7, 2017

Tuition $300 + 4 nights
Rona Wilensky

Rona Wilensky

Linda Wallace

Linda Wallace

Take time this summer to cultivate your capacity for attention, emotional balance and compassion both in and out of the classroom.  Designed to support you in bringing mindful presence to your personal life and professional work in schools, this retreat includes periods of silent meditation practice, mindful movement, solitary reflection, experiences in and with the natural world, and opportunities to share perspectives and experiences with other educators.

Mindfulness for educators is part of a global movement to bring research-based practices to professionals in sectors such as human services, physical and mental health care, military, legal services, and business. Person by person, organization by organization, the practices and view of mindfulness are helping to transform individual lives and social structures across society.

This program is open to those with any level of experience (or no experience) with mindfulness practices.


Scholarship opportunities are made available by the Hemera Foundation.

  • Full-time pre-K or K-12 actively employed educators and other staff members and/or
  • full-time students currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program
  • 1st time Hemera applicant who is new to meditation or hasn’t attended a residential retreat longer than a weekend is eligible for 100% cost coverage.  However, we request that each participant offers something toward the cost of the program if you are able.  We suggest $100, but please let us know what is workable for you.  In addition to making an energetic exchange, this allows us to make funding available to more people. *Please note this energetic exchange is a request from the presenter and is specific to this program.
  • 1st time Hemera applicant who has previous retreat experience longer than a weekend is eligible for 50% cost coverage as a baseline plus need-based funds. 

Lodging Types available for this fellowship includes Red Feather Double or equivalent. Retreatants may pay to upgrade or choose to downgrade if they wish. If a Red Feather Double or equivalent is not available, fellowship funding can be used for the next level of housing down. Please see all housing options here.

To apply, please click here.  

Rona Wilensky

Rona Wilensky is Director of Mindfulness Programs and a senior faculty member for SMART in Education—a research-based mindfulness program for educators at PassageWorks Institute.  She has served on the Leadership Council of the Initiative on Contemplative Teaching and Learning at Garrison Institute and has helped plan and facilitate convenings on contemplative practice and social justice. She served as founding principal of New Vista High School in Boulder, Colorado from 1992 – 2009.

Linda Wallace

Linda Wallace draws upon her 35 year career as an elementary school teacher, trainer, and coach to bring mindfulness to educators and students in the United States and Canada. As a senior faculty member for SMART in Education, she assists in writing curriculum, teaching mindfulness classes to educators and students, and training facilitators. She has also led mindfulness-based wellness programs online for eMindful.

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