Monarch Retreat

Richard Reoch

February 2–10, 2014

Tuition $218 + 8 nights
Richard Reoch

Richard Reoch

The purpose of the retreat is to provide a concentrated period of time in which senior leaders, through individual and collective practice, can connect with the mind of the “Sacred Governance” lineage of Shambhala. The retreat creates conditions in which leaders can deepen and share their understanding and inspiration with other senior practitioners drawn from all three pillars of the Kingdom. From this profound, shared connection they are invited to contemplate and discuss the lineage vision for creating Enlightened Society.

The Monarch Retreat is a sealed retreat — all participants live, eat, sleep and practice in the confines of the retreat, except for exercise periods out of doors. The days of the retreat are structured according to the Seven Riches of the Sakyong, stretching throughout the day from very early in the morning through to late evening. The sessions are arranged to enable private practice, study and contemplation as well as group practice, contemplation, exercise and discussion. Participants will receive the text for the Monarch Retreat and other retreat materials, including a court notebook designed and produced for the participants in the Monarch Retreat.

Participation in the retreat is by invitation only, at the request of His Majesty. He has empowered the President of Shambhala, Mr Richard Reoch, to initiate and lead these retreats throughout the mandala. The sole prerequisites for the retreat are that you be a senior leader, who is invited to attend, and that you hold the transmission for “The Roar of the Werma — The Sadhana of the Warrior” (the Werma sadhana).

Partial participation will not be an option for this program.

Shambhala International benefits do not apply for this program.

Richard Reoch

Richard Reoch is the former media chief of Amnesty International, the human rights organization, and a lifelong campaigner for peace and the environment. His work has taken him to conflict zones around the world. As the President of Shambhala, he has a wealth of experience in applying The Six Ways of Ruling and now travels widely sharing his insights with others.

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