Natural Brilliance: Leading from Within

Irini Rockwell

January 23–25, 2015

Tuition $190 + 2 nights


To lead others, we must know ourselves, where we shine and where we get stuck. Some situations bring out the best of who we are; in others we can’t get out of our own way. During this enriching weekend, we will explore the Five Wisdoms, an ancient Buddhist system of personalities which yields enormous insight into our patterns of behavior, emotions, and relationships. Through a series of postures and creative expression, you see your personal way of perceiving the world, expressing yourself, and communicating. As we become familiar with where we struggle as well as our own unique styles of intelligence and effectiveness, we discover our innate, natural brilliance and learn how to lead from within.

This program is the first in a series of three onsite modules and can be taken alone or as part of a framework for ongoing engagement and certification from the Five Wisdoms Institute.

First Module: Natural Brilliance: Leading from Within | January 23 – 25

Second Module: Natural Brillance: Cultivating Authentic Relationships | April 17 – 19

Third Module: Natural Brilliance in Action | August 3 – 9

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Irini Rockwell

Irini Rockwell is the Director, Founder and Principal Trainer of the Five Wisdoms Institute and Wisdoms@Work. She is a professional development trainer for organizational leaders, health caregivers, educators, artists, and individuals and author of Natural Brilliance: A Buddhist System for Uncovering Your Strengths and Letting Them Shine and The Five Wisdom Energies: A Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships. Irini has served as a faculty member at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado for ten years where she earned her Master’s in Contemplative Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Authentic Leadership. She is also a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist community.

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